The Critics Be Liking the Lydia...


September 21st, 2011 by Rami

The first week of Lydia Loveless' Indestructible Machine have seen the pointy headed music literati singing (pardon the cheapo pun) her praises. Here's a few links to nudge in the direction of giving her a try...

<<"Remarkable" sez SPIN... Read the FULL review

<<"When all is said and done it represents as strong a debut album that the genre has seen in quite some time" opines Absolute Punk...FULL REVIEW HERE

<<Chicago Tribune gushes "these are songs that signal a major new voice blowing into the country-punk dives and honky-tonks"--- Read it all HERE

<Cincinnati City Beat chimes in with "Lydia Loveless has already blazed an impressive trail." Read the interview and review HERE

So, c'mon, don't be scared, don't remain LOVELESS any longer (oh, we're crackin' ourselves with these puns...)