Cory Branan's Audiotree Live Session Is Now Published for Your Viewing Pleasure


April 22nd, 2015 by bsradmin

Cory Branan's brilliant (and we mean brilliant!) Audiotree live session is now up for your viewing pleasure! Cory tears through tracks from his new album The No-Hit Wonder, as well as his classic anthem "Survivor Blues." Watch all the videos here.

Set list:
1 Come On, Shadow
2 Sour Mash (this one's a RIPPER!)
3 Survivor Blues
4 No Hit Wonder
5 Missing You Fierce
6 Daddy Was a Skywriter

(You can also purchase MP3s, high quality audio, and video files of the tracks below the video player here.)

The No-Hit Wonder is available now on CD, vinyl LP, or digital.