Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times Interview Robbie Fulks & Bloodshot About Grammy Noms


February 10th, 2017 by bsradmin

"No speech. I’ll have to make it up. I’m counting on not winning, so no need to write one. But I’m gonna keep at it. Maybe I’ll write a speech for the sixth time I’m nominated. I guess it’s a little validating. Everybody’s nicer to me all of a sudden. Maybe I’m a little more popular now." —Robbie Fulks to Chicago Sun-Times

"We'll try not to get thrown out. The entire time, I'll be looking over my shoulder waiting for somebody to go, 'Hey, you — you don't belong here.'" —Bloodshot Co-Chief Rob Miller to Chicago Tribune

You can see we're still a little dumbfounded by this. Nevertheless, we'll be at The Grammy Awards this weekend holding out hope, crossing our fingers and toes, and nervous-drinking all the free booze as we await the upvote or downvote. Chicago Sun-Times interviewed Robbie about the album and the award process, and Chicago Tribune interviewed Robbie and Bloodshot Co-Honchos Rob & Nan about everything surrounding the occasion. 

Robbie is nominated for two awards: Best Folk Album for Upland Stories, and Best American Roots Song for the album's opening track "Alabama at Night." Brush up on the album (that you've definitely heard because we've hounded you about it!) before the verdict is in on Sunday.