Bloodshot + Rolling Stone


October 10th, 2012 by Rami

A confluence of Rolling Stone content and BS artists today.

First, HERE'S a piece on Justin Townes Earle producing Wanda Jackson's new album Unfinished Business, which was released yesterday. We here at BS are no strangers to the majesty that is WANDA. Why, we even put together a tribute record to her.

Second, Jack White debuted his new video "I'm Shakin" on Rolling See it HERE. Our own Maggie Bjorklund is on pedal steel (you don't see much of her, but she pops up here and there---like at 2:23). The song is an old Little Willie John tune that Bloodshot Rob was first hipped to by the Blasters. Check that out HERE.

And, if you wanna play the Kevin Bacon Degrees of Separation game, Little Willie John (who also wrote "Fever") also came up with the scorcher "Leave My Kitten Alone" that our own Detroit Cobras covered on their Tied & True album