Bloodshot Digest September 18th, 2009


September 18th, 2009 by Rami

As we gird ourselves for the brisket and margaritas that await us in Austin for our Yard Dog anniversary tomorrow (hey, someone's gotta do it), here's a few tidbits to knosh on that may brighten your day. Or not. Who knows?

  • Check out this story on a Detroit filmmaker using a 3D process and capturing some of the city's finest music, including our own Detroit Cobras!
  • In anticipation of her new solo album (goes on pre-sale this Tuesday) Exene Cervenka gives a lengthy interview on art, music, poetry and what a good dancer Eddie Vedder is in the LA Record.
  • In addition to be a crack bookkeeper and legal eagle, our own office guy Anthony is a fab photographer. Check out his flickr page with all the action at the Hideout block party. Pay no attention to the photo of Bloodshot Rob lying in the street at the end. He's tired. Sssssh. Don't wake him.
  • Finally, speaking of Rob, read his latest essay at It's all about how disposable music has become. Insightful philosophical musing or the rantings of a crank? YOU be the judge!