Bloodshot Digest for November 6th, 2009


November 6th, 2009 by Rami


We here in the office are already to the bottom of our Day-Glo Pumpkin candy bucket---just a few Sweet Tarts, gumballs, packets of candy corn and one broken pixie stick that lost all its powdery goodness are left at the bottom.

Speaking of sugary delights (hey, not all segueways can be perfect), here are some tidbits that have come across our desks this week.

  • Dex Romweber appeared in Nashville alongside the LEGENDARY Charlie Louvin. Here's some photos and video.
  • Chicago Sun-Times writer Jim DeRogatis gives the world an update on the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir's recovery following their horrific van accident in September and previews the benefit concert at the Hideout on November 12th. Read the article here.
  • In other Chicago-related news, we are in danger of taking our amazing music scene for granted. For all that goes on here, we lag far behind in getting City Hall's support. Now, they are threatening to cut the budgets for public music events. Sign the petition to make sure they know we care about our city's cultural offerings and to keep this a world class destination for music and the arts.
  • Make sure you take advantage of our Random Cool Giveaways event, wherein you can score free t's, Lps, CDs, or 7" singles for yourself as endeavor to clean off some shelves before the Holiday onslaught.
  • Finally, some sad news to report for all Chicagoans who are fond of old-school drinking establishments (that would CERTAINLY include us): Johnnie, owner of Johnnie's Lounge (or "the Hamm's Bar" as i always knew when i lived down the street from it) on Lincoln Ave died last week. The Bloodshot Staff Xmas dinner is held at Fernando's (due to their Queso Fundido and toxic margaritas) and we always went across the street for a nightcap(or seven) afterwards. Much dancing, tomfoolery and Johnnie storytelling took place. He shall be missed and the era of the local tavern, in these days of "concept" bars, mixology places and thrice filtered autumnal blueberry ales, comes one step closer to existing in our memories alone. Read about him here.

Prosit, Johnnie and thanks.