Bloodshot Digest July 24th, 2009


July 24th, 2009 by Rami

In keeping with the energy level of a muggy July Friday, and running on two hours sleep (it's not easy being crazy, you know...), I'm keepin' this digest short and sweet.

  • Interview with Bloodshot Nan and Rob on Indiepit. Wherein they talk of their founding, their 15 years in the biz and where the world of artistic expression might be headed. Replete with mp3's and photos of the 2009 releases. Check it out here.
  • There's a cool new documentary about the Detroit garage rock scene, featuring the Detroit Cobras, Gore Gore Girls, the Gories and the White Stripes. It's called "It Came From Detroit" and is making the rounds in LA on the festival circuit. Check out the trailer here.
  • The lineups for our Boston and Philly Beer-B-Qs have been set and tickets are now available. Check out details here. We'll also have some announcements regarding the Chicago party on Monday. Stay tuned!
  • Rob's Recommendation of the week: Michigan blueberries. God's perfect food.

Now, time for a 3 day nap.