Bloodshot Digest July 17th, 2009


July 17th, 2009 by Rami
  • On Monday, we had one of those evenings when we remember why we live here. The Shelebration, a tribute to Shel Silverstein was held at Millennium downtown. The weather was perfect. We brought a picnic and jug of vodka and juice. The band was Bobby Bare Jr, Nora O'Connor, Patrick from My Morning Jacket, Chris Scruggs and others. Guests included Sally Timms, Will Oldham, Bobby Bare Sr and Jon Langford. Check out the video Jon's version of the Shel-penned A Boy Named Sue here.
  • What do YOU think of when you add up Salt Lake City and a Metal record store? That's right: WAYNE HANCOCK! Turns out the dudes dig themselves some Wayne at our new buddies The Heavy Metal Shop store in SLC. Check out these videos from an in store performance he did with Joe Buck Yourself here.
  • Rob's Recommendation of the Week: Gale Street Inn on Milwaukee. Every year, several friends and I congregate SOMEWHERE for strong drink, meaty meats, conviviality and the All Star Game (for BASEBALL, you Visigoths). The AL won in part due to the triple by Tigers' outfielder Curtis Granderson. Oh yeah. The ribs are of the meltinyourmouth variety. Not smoked. Just tender and addicting. It being Chicago, our appetizer for the table (actually the horseshoe part of the bar near the TVs) was a FRIED CHICKEN. Yes, a whole fried chicken. Pass the toothpicks. Say hi to the owner George, he's got the classic Chicago-Belushi-ish vibe. By the way, the leftover ribs are one of the only things that heat up well in a microwave. And Go Tigers!