Bloodshot Digest July 10th, 2009


July 10th, 2009 by Rami

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  • AMERICA! What's wrong with you? Exclaim Magazine, the Rolling Stone of Canada recently declared Scott H. Biram's new disc "Album of the Month!" Yer not gonna lie around and let THEM be cooler than US, are you? Get down with the Biram sound, people. I mean, really.
  • Minneapolis and Madison Anniversary Beer-B-Q lineups finalized. Those of you in the Upper Midwest (or those of you willing to travel there) have more to celebrate than the ripening lingonberries and waterslides in the Dells. Our Anniversary festivals in your fair cities are all booked and confirmed and they are, I must say, a couple of killer lineups. More cities to follow. Get the updates here.
  • Michael Jackson is still dead
  • Rob's Recommendation of the Week: Balyeat's Restaurant in Van Wert OH. While driving back to Chicago from our Pittsburgh Beer-B-Q last weekend, I eschewed the grimness of the Ohio Turnpike and took US 30, the Lincoln Highway, instead. After gassing up on the outskirts of this town near the OH/IN border I noticed a faded billboard with the words "homemade" and "pie" in consecutive order. I was sold. I'm easy that way. I drove the 1/2 mile to town and there it was, next to the courthouse. Serving since 1923 or so. Excellentness #1: When the waitress asked me if I was ready for supper, I said I hadn't seen a menu. Her reply: "Oh honey, it's Sunday, we don't have menus" and listed my choices. I opted for stewed chicken with homemade noodles over mash(ed potoatoes). Excellentness #2: It came with soup or salad, I said salad. Her reply: "tossed, potato or JELLO." Oh, baby. It was all very, VERY good. Excellentness #3: There were about 12 or 14 pie choices on the counter. I went for Butterscotch Creme and almost sobbed with joy when I ate it. Excellentness #4: The whole shootin' match cost me about 8 bucks. SO, the next time you're on the road between Fort Wayne and Toledo (and who DOESN'T make that drive all the time?) stop in. RUNNER UP: Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh. In an effort to streamline the lives of their patrons, they put the french fries IN the sandwich. Lord, have mercy.

Thanks for tuning in and let us know where we need to eat during our upcoming travels.