Bloodshot Digest 6-12-09


June 12th, 2009 by Rami
  • Here's an entertaining read by the ever-entertaining Jon Langford; he tells the folks at Pitchfork about the most influential albums during different times of his life.
  • With the imminent release of Ha Ha Tonka's new album, the band wanted to share a video of the "Making Of..." Get the inside skinny! See all the drugs and dancing girls that went into its production! Is that a donkey in the studio? We can't be sure! Oh, the depravity! (We kid, they are very nice and polite.)
  • Dex Romweber Duo+Jack White+vinyl= Yeah, baby! Perhaps you remember a few weeks back we told about Dex Superfan Jack White recording a single with the DRD. Well, the fruits of that labor have arrived, and it didn't take no stinkin' nine months either. The 7" single is our busy little hive, awaiting your fevered order!
  • The first of our 15th anniversary Beer-B-Qs, featuring FREE ADMISSION, FREE food, beer specials galore and lots and lots of music has been confirmed in PITTSBURGH on July 4th. Lots more to come!!
  • Rob's Recommendation of the Week: Rob has no recommendation this week. The unparalleled lousy weather in Chicago, persistent overcast, 20 degrees below normal temperatures, insidious chilly lake breeze---all this as we are purportedly heralding the arrival of summer, has put him in a fouler than usual mood. Thus, no recommendation. He is sitting in his basement with a wool blanket over his head cursing the buckled jet stream and will not come outside again until he can do so without needing some sort of rain gear or heavy jacket. So, nyaah.