A Bloodshot Coffee Blend! Dark Matter 'Over the Cliff' Is Now Available!


March 29th, 2017 by bsradmin

We are thrilled (or JACKED UP!!) to introduce our collaborative coffee blend with our Chicago kin and fellow misfits Dark Matter Coffee! Intellectually honest, sustainable, fair trade coffee. Over the Cliff is here! ORDER YOUR BAG-O-BEANS NOW!

Dark Matter just kept us caffeinated by sponsoring our 22nd annual SXSW Yard Dog party, and we sold some sneak-peak bags of the Over the Clff coffee blend to die-hard fans. Now it's available for you to drink (or mainline) at home!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, strong thirsts call for strong quenchers. You think it's easy working in this music racket? Th'hell it is. We need all the caffeine courage we can get our hands on to carry on in the face of ridiculous odds. But, let's be honest, that Dunkin Donuts down the street is burning a hole in our fragile tummies.

But what to do?

The Bloodshot staff holed up at Dark Matter HQ on the West Side of Chicago and tasted cuppa after cuppa of their spectacular wakey juice to develop a unique Bloodshot-centric blend roasted to promote layers of acidity and brightness. It's purposefully wild and aggressive. Problem solved!!!

12 oz. of coffee beans. Includes free download of 20-song Bloodshot Records music sampler.

Artwork by Jon Langford. Named after the Jon Langford song of the same name, from the first-ever Bloodshot release For a Life of Sin: Insurgent Chicago Country and covered by Old 97's on their 1995 Bloodshot album Wreck Your Life.