Billboard Premieres Jason Hawk Harris's New Single "I'm Afraid"


July 23rd, 2019 by bsradmin

Jason Hawk Harris's new song "I'm Afraid," a "high-speed honky tonk burner," is now playing via Billboard! Listen here.

Jason told Billboard the basis for the song: "He was telling me this story about how his mom had hung up all this really scary Catholic iconography of Jesus above his bed -- Jesus holding his heart in his hand, had the crown of thorns on and maybe a little blood dripping down,” Harris tells Billboard. “My friend told me, 'Yeah, I wasn't afraid of the boogeyman or the monster in the closet or under the bed. I was afraid of Jesus.' That made a lot of sense to me in my own struggle and peace I made with my religious upbringing.”

From Jason's debut album Love & the Dark, coming August 23rd! Pre-order on digital, CD, or limited edition ghost white vinyl LP.