Deer and Air Bag versus Drummer

May 24th, 2011 by Rami

On the way back home from a gig in Pittsburgh, Whitey Morgan and the 78's van hit a deer. Travis, their drummer, was in the front passenger seat and, as he wont to do, had his leg up on the dashboard.

When the airbag deployed on impact, well, you can imagine. Ouch. Fractured his leg in two places. They are...Read more

NPR Write up on Silos new Record

May 20th, 2011 by Rami

The Silos have self-released their new album Florizona. We're carrying it on the site and it's getting some great press, including THIS piece by Ann Powers at NPR.

It's a lovely article about how some artists become "lifers" for her, and the Silos are one of them.

We agree.Read more


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