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Robbie Fulks Review on "Fresh Air"

NPR's syndicated "Fresh Air" reviewed Robbie Fulks' new album Gone Away Backward.


It's archived HERE, so you can let the mellifluous tones of Ken Tucker's voice tell you why you need to hear this fine batch of songs. 

“With Gone Away Backward, Fulks has made an album that feints in the direction of nostalgia while grappling very much with the here and now. Even for a singer-songwriter known for his clever twists and turns, it's a considerable achievement.”


Mark Pickerel & his Praying Hands released a new record Tess  this week on Candy Cross Records.

We've missed him, but the wait was worth it.  Pick up this fine slab of tumbleweed noir and maybe we can convince him to do some touring outside the Pacific Northwest.

"Pickerel’s voice is soaked in moody regret, a sinuous baritone that somehow manages to make lost love sound more enticing than the kind that lasts. In Pickerel’s hands, love gone wrong certainly results in more intriguing songs, as in 'Your Wild West,' which seems to channel the loping stride of the Doors’ 'People Are Strange.'" --Seattle Times



Barrence and the Savages are bringing their atomic-powered sock it to me soul to the British airwaves.

Tuesday, Sept 24th they appear on the Later with Jools Holland program (or "programme" as they quaintly write over there).  Other acts on the show will be The Pixies, Janelle Monae, Tony Joe White and CHVRCHES.

So, tune into BBC TWO at 10pm and be prepared to have your tea cup UPSET!

"I dare say mumsy, that Barrance chap is a cracking good singer!  Now, it's off to the chamber.  I'm knackered."   At least, that's how we imagine it'll be in households (or "flats") all over the UK.


The wonderful folks at WNYC Radio are streaming the absolutely stunning new Ha Ha Tonka album, 'Lessons,' one week ahead of the release date! 

Stream it HERE.

As WNYC puts it, "the tuneful and buoyant new album from the indie-Americanaband...owe[s] as much to Paul Simon as Big Star." 

Listen and then inevitably fall in love with the album and pre-order it on CD, MP3, or limited edition double vinyl HERE.


Robbie Fulks Appearance on Chicago NPR Archived

Robbie Fulks' appearance on Chicago public radio's WBEZ "Morning Shift" show is now archived HERE.

Robbie sings and talks and solves complicated math problems.  Well, only TWO of those things are true.



New Spineriders Release

When Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co) suddenly passed away in the Spring of 2013, he left behind an incredible body of work.

In tribute to his spirit, Misra Records has released his high school band's music ON CASSETTE!!  It's a VERY limited edition release and all proceeds go to the Musicians Emergency Medical Association.  We've just a few available for you.

Read THIS amazing remembrance of Jason and those times by his friend Reilly Lambert




Ben Weaver on Touring by Bike

Operating on the exact opposite end of the LUXURIOUS TOUR BUS spectrum, is own northwoods singer/songwriter Ben Weaver.   He's doing some tour dates via bicycle this month.

Check out the story and interview in the Minneapolis City Pages

Now THAT'S dedication!  He ain't tellin' off his driver or bitching cuz the satellite TV is cutting on the fritz and he can't watch Desperate Housewives of New Jersey.


MIssouri Loves Company

Missouri born and bred band HA HA TONKA's new album LESSONS hits the literal and digital shelves on September 24th.  Pre-order it now!  See a TEASER here

To celebrate, we're toasting all things MISSOURI in this month's sale--we're calling MISSOURI LOVES COMPANY (get it!!!)

So pick up some fine music from a fine state that's given us more than walnut bowls Robert Altman, Redd Foxx (you dummy!), VINCENT F'N PRICE and hiding places for Jesse James.



Mekons + Freakwater = Freakons!

See the birth (and most likely death) of the FREAKONS at the Hideout on Sunday September 22nd in Chicago....the offspring of two very aged parents with all the attendant problems, the Mekons and Freakwater combine their musical talents to sing songs of the old mines for your delectation.

And all at the very civilized time of 6pm...Who would miss it? Advance tickets highly recommended as they have to pay for elder care and transportation...only ten stinking bucks...Buy a ticket even if you have no plans to come them to help themselves (again!)

Relase Day Love for Robbie Fulks

Holy Smokes!  The writerly class has chimed in big time today regarding Robbie Fulks' brank new Gone Away Backward!

Check out some of these reviews.  We'd blush if we could remember how:

"Gone Away Backward may be Fulks’ most cohesive, best-realized album yet. More than anything, it’s good to have another album from one of country music’s best-kept secrets."--The Onion A.V. Club

"Gone Away Backward may also be the best album Fulks has ever produced, if for no other reason than it’s both pure and unfettered."--Blurt

"Nearly perfect songwriting from a Chicago Americana staple makes Gone Away Backward the kind of album you wait to hear…This Steve Albini mixed record is absolutely full of fantastic songs and perfect performances that should be a staple of every music fans rotation this year.--Earbuddy

"The craftsmanship is top notch and each track pulls you into every word. … Each track has a purpose and gives this record its depth." -- The Firenote

"It’s so hard to describe Robbie Fulks’ sound, as it’s so pure and authentic, so it’s probably best to just listen and allow yourself to be consumed." -- The Horn

"…a John Prinean grasp of small details and characters that speak to greater, sadder truths." --Paste

"The level of artistry is so complete that it suggests a world in which Fulks isn’t a household name is somehow upside down." --Wall Street Journal (everyone's fave music mag!)

"On Gone Away Backward Fulks has taken that iconoclastic history and processed it through the filter of gorgeous Americana. The result: an album where he sounds more like himself than ever before. For a guy with nothing left to prove, Fulks sure seems determined to show off." --PopMatters



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