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Maggie Bjorklund Featured on New Jack White Single

Our own Maggie Bjorklund plays some wild, wicked pedal steel on Jack White's new song "High Ball Stepper," from his upcoming album 'Lazaretto.' Seriously, we didn't even know pedal steel guitars could make sounds like that!

Hear Maggie slay the strings below:

You can expect a new album from Maggie Bjorklund later this year. Stay tuned for details. 

In the meantime, you can acquire her Bloodshot debut Coming Home on CD, LP, or digital here.

The Bloodshot Guide to Record Store Day 2014

Record Store Day 2014, a day for celebrating the many brick-and-mortar stores that keep indies like us off of life support, includes many in-store performances, exclusive releases, and sales. Here is your guide to the Bloodshot happenings on April 19th.


Bobby Bare Jr's new single "The Big Time" is streaming via Garden & Gun Magazine! The song is from BBJ's new album Undefeated, out April 15th via Bloodshot. 

Listen to the song here.

We're excited to finally share this track with you, as the bassline and horns have been ingrained in our heads for months. This song is almost hazardously catchy. 

Pre-order 'Undefeated' on CD or LP.

Catch Bobby Bare Jr. on tour with Cory Branan and Guided By Voices (respectively) this spring and summer.

Luke Winslow-King Performs on Episode of CBS's NCIS

*Double-take* Was that Luke Winslow-King performing at the end of the new NCIS episode on CBS last night? Why, yes; yes it was. 

Luke performed an original piece to close out the show as the crime team kicked back in a park in New Orleans...probably looking for meddling musicians up to no good. 

You can see and hear Luke at the 38:00 mark here.

SPIN Gives Jon Langford's 'Here Be Monsters' a 7/10 Glowing Review

Our friends at SPIN Magazine reviewed Jon Langford's new album Here Be Monsters and say it's "Langford at his colloquial best" with a 7 out of 10 rating! 

Read the review here.

Buy the album on CD or LP here.


Ken Tucker Reviews Jon Langford's 'Here Be Monsters' on NPR Fresh Air

Ken Tucker reviewed Jon Langford's new album Here Be Monsters on NPR's Fresh Air!

Here's the transcript of the review.

"This new album takes a bit of a break from both of those genres [punk and country]: These are more like folk songs with rock 'n' roll instrumentation, hard rock with sentiments that can be sung in a soft voice, but whose ideas are never soft-headed."

Buy it on CD and LP here.


New Jon Langford Album 'Here Be Monsters' Streaming via New York Times

Hear Jon Langford and Skull Orchard's new album Here Be Monsters, out next Tuesday 4/1 via Indegoot, streaming in its entirety on The New York Times

Listen here.

And pre-order the album on CD and LP here.

Scott H. Biram is American Songwriter Magazine's 'Songwriter of the Week'

American Songwriter Magazine mustered up the courage to approach the one and only Scott H. Biram about his songwriting craft, process, and influences. It's a fascinating SHB is a pretty fascinating dude, a student of many schools. 

Enlighten yourself.

Amidst the SHB101 songwriting course, there are still a few Biramesque answers of good humor, including his response to any words he hates: 

"I don't hate any words really . . . only phrases. "Cool beans".. I hate that one. Saying "vacay" instead of "vacation." It' a sign of the times. Laziness. "Okee dokie Doggie Daddy." This one must die."

We'll throw in "yesiree-bob" and "totes" and "obvi" and all that crap and wholeheartedly agree with The Dirty Old One Man Band.


A Day in the Life: Lydia Loveless - Paste Magazine Photo Set

Paste Magazine photographically documented Lydia Loveless's sold out show at The Satellite in Los Angeles last Friday. There are some great shots of the band in action and generally hanging out and being super cool. Cooler than we could ever be... *sigh* 

See all the photos here.

And see when Lydia & co. are being super cool in YOUR city.




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