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Fancy Pants New Cordero Video

Don't miss the hot video for "Ruleta Rusa", off of Cordero's recent release de donde eres, which debuted on Myspace Music. Check it out here on MySpace.

Story and video behind the song "Overtown"

The story behind the video for the song "Overtown"---the song about the riots in the early 80's, and then watch the video itself. Go here.

Jack White namechecks Dex bigtime in new Documentary

A documentary called It Might Get Loud premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September. It chronicles the artistic process and influences of guitar superstars Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White, and includes White’s citing of Dex as a “huge influence”, and includes live and recorded tracks from his earlier band, Flat Duo Jets.

New Pine Valley Cosmo Record On The Way!

Recording will commence November '08 for the new PVC record. For this go 'round, PVC will be backing the considerable talents of the Rockabilly Filly Rosie Flores. If you saw them play together at '08's American Music Festival at Fitzgerald's (expecially that version of the Sex Pistols' "Pretty Vacant" you know we're all in for a treat.

Getting In-Depth With Kurt From Deadstring

A great, in-depth interview with Kurt in the Lansing MI zine Modern Peapod in which he talks about his love of Dyland AND Thriller and the death of Detroit garage rock. Put on yer readin' spectacles and prepare to learn somethin' here.

Ben Weaver Twangs the Ukelele for Belgian Blog

Belgian blog Frontstage offers some great candid footage of Ben Weaver plucking away on the ukelele and performing songs off The Ax in the Oak in remarkably stripped-down fashion. Take a look at the video here.

Jonathan Lethem and Walter Salas-Humara talk I'm Not Jim on YouTube

Check out an exclusive Youtube interview with The Silos' Walter Salas-Humara and Fortress of Solitude author Jonathan Lethem as they speak about their new Bloodshot project, I'm Not Jim. The experimental rock and spoken word album is the first collaboration for the pair, as they are joined by production dynamos The Elegant Too.

I'M Not JIM on NPR's Fresh Air

I'm Not Jim's (the collaboration between author Jonathan Letham and the Silos' Walter Salas-Humara) You Are All My People received a glowing review on WHYY/NPR's Fresh Air from Ken Tucker, who said "[Some] songs have a gleaming hard edge...and elsewhere they've created crisp little pop tunes with choruses that sound like forgotten hits from decades old rock radio stations." To take a listen to the review and hear clips, head over to the NPR Music site here!

Paul Burch Song in TV show "True Blood"

Paul's song "Sparks Fly Out" from Fool For Love appears in episode #5 of HBO's saucy vampire series True Blood. Have a listen and learn more here.

Robbie Fulks Song on "True Blood"

Robbie's song "Goodbye, Goodlookin'" from South Mouth was featured on episode 1 of the hipster vampire series True Blood on HBO.  Go here to listen and learn more.



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