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CMT Edge Interviews Bobby Bare Jr. About His New Album 'Undefeated'

"Getting up and singing personal songs, it's exactly like being a stripper, you know? People are there to see the dirty parts. ... If you're not gonna show your ugly parts, nobody's gonna be that interested." - Bobby Bare, Jr. in an interview with CMT Edge about his new album Undefeated.

Read the interview here.


Lydia Loveless Featured on NPR's All Songs Considered

Lydia Loveless's cover of Kesha's "Blind" was featured on todays episode of NPR's All Songs Considered along with some great commentary along with other Record Store Day songs from Bruce Springsteen, Joe Strummer, and Devo.

Listen here.

Hopefully someone will take note from the episode and actually get a tattoo of Lydia Loveless with a Kesha tattoo. (*head explodes*)

(Hint: the Lydia feature is at 22:00, you know, if you're short on time or just like to cut to the chase.)

More info on the Record Store Day release:

Bobby Bare Jr. Is MySpace's Artist of the Day

MySpace recently relaunched with a slick-looking website chock full o' musical and visual goodies. Bobby Bare Jr. is the MySpace Artist of the Day today! Read the interview here. 

Dex Romweber Gets In-Depth in Web2Carz Interview

Web2Carz interviewed Dex Romweber about the Duo's new album Images 13, his influences, his relationship with Jack White, why he covered The Who, and what kinda smokes he prefers. 

Read it here.


It's Bloodshot Spring Break! Party with Murder By Death, Bobby Bare Jr, Cory Branan, Lydia Loveless, Scott H Biram, and More in Scenic Chicago!

We're kicking off Phase 2 of our 20th Anniversary Celebration with a series of excellent Bloodshot shows (including live performances and movie screenings) to our homebase of ‪‎Chicago‬ over the span of about a week at the end of April/beginning of May!

See the schedule of events and get tickets to the shows here.

You'll have the chance to see Bobby Bare, Jr., Cory Branan, Lydia Loveless, Scott H. Biram, Rosie Flores and the Rivetors, Murder By Death, Andre Williams, and more in the span of 8 days in Chicago!

It may not be Cancun, but it'll surely have better music than the co-ed clubs and will be void of Montezuma's Revenge (we hope). Cheaper flights, too.

Board shorts are optional.

Under the Rader Interviews Lydia Loveless

Read an in-depth discusssion between Lydia and Under the Radar magazine on her songwriting, the differences between Somewhere Else and Indestructible Machine, and Blue Oyster Cult. 


Crain's Chicago Gives a Brief History of Bloodshot Records for Our 20th Anniv.

In honor of our 20th anniversary, Crain's Chicago Business gives a brief history of Bloodshot, along with commentary from Rob & Nan, Robbie Fulks, and more. 

Go ahead and brush up on your Bloodshot history. There will be a quiz.

SPIN Premieres Jon Langford Record Store Day Single

Jon Langford and Skull Orchard are preparing to release a Record Store Day 7" this Saturday, hot on the heels of the release of their new album Here Be Monsters, and SPIN is streaming both songs right now

For all of the Bloodshot RSD goings on, click here.

Jason Molina Tribute Album Feat. Murder By Death, Cory Branan, Jim & Jennie Streaming on NPR First Listen

Bloodshot's own Murder By Death, Cory Branan, and Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops contributed songs covering the late, great Jason Molina to a tribute album called Farewell Transmission, which is out next week.

NPR is streaming it a week in advance here.

Sales from the album benefit our friends at MusiCares, who provide healthcare for musicians who can't afford it.

You can also get a limited edition cassette of Jason Molina's high school punk band Spineriders here. This one benefits Musicians Emergency Medical Association. 

Bobby Bare Jr.'s 'Undefeated' Is Streaming a Week Ahead of Time via Wall Street Journal

Bobby Bare Jr.'s first album in four years, Undefeated, is streaming NOW on The Wall Street Journal's website a week ahead of release date (4/15)! 

Listen here.

Then pre-order it on CD, LP, or digital here.

"The 10 rootsy Americana-style rock songs are at once poignant and shot through with mordant wit, which Bare said is a coping mechanism."

Oh yeah. It's an "I got dumped" record alright. We've all been there. Now get back at those who left you behind, with your rock 'n' roll fist in the air, wielding Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminals Starvation League's signature howling guitars, thumping pianos, gritty bass lines, and vehemently irreverent lyrics. That'll show 'em.



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