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Release date: March 16, 2010

"Last Spring my recently acquired publishing administrators sent me an e-mail from the music supervisors of an upcoming TV sitcom. They needed a 'Main Title,' otherwise known as a theme tune. I’d never tried anything like this before but found myself intrigued by the idea of writing within a set of confines.

Half an hour later, I had the tune and right away booked a nearby studio to record it. Foolishly, they turned it down, even though I’d nailed that sucker.

Two weeks later, another request came along and the same scenario repeated itself, this time with the added nuisance that the 'Folks At The Top' chose the most lame piece of work for the show you could possibly imagine.

Enough of this, I thought, and went off to write treatments to my own imaginary TV shows which I would grace with the correct theme tunes, not ones chosen by idiots.  (Instead of lyrics on the album cover, you get plots!)

Hence, Imaginary Television."  —GRAHAM PARKER, 2010

On Imaginary Television, his fourth studio record for Bloodshot (and 20th overall in a 30+ year career), Graham Parker combines indelible hooks, penchant for the British blues-rock revival with a touch of the reggae and biting political commentary to produce an incredibly solid record. Channeling Them-era Van Morrison, New York style Lou Reed, and the omnipresent Bob Dylan, Imaginary Television might be a concept record, but like American Songwriter wrote around Graham’s last record, he “hasn’t changed his sunglasses or his approach.” Bruce Springsteen once said that the only band he’d pay to see live was Graham Parker and The Rumour, and Graham’s renegade spirit and ear for hooks have only sharpened over the years.



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