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Cannery Row
Release date: April 9, 2013

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Through four albums, the Detroit–based Deadstring Brothers wove a Glimmer Twins groove into the fiber of their hometown’s feral sonic legacy. It was urban blues filtered through London’s ‘60’s Carnaby Street, it was hard country goosed by the rhythms of the auto plants. It was unapologetic rock and roll.

But In 2010, the Deadstring Brothers founder and frontman Kurt Marschke reversed the great Southern Migration, de-camped from his hometown and moved to Nashville. And while you can never, ever take all the Detroit out of a Detroiter, the latest Deadstring album throws the doors open wide to an even broader sound, his new home clearly influencing the lyrics and style. Cannery Row has a loose-limbed melancholy reminiscent of the Laurel Canyon folk scene, the outlaw Nashville days, as well as the Upstate New York counterculture spirit of the Band. Like a hitchhiker with a dirty backpack, a beat up guitar case and a wistful distant smile, the Brothers have piled up stories like the highway miles and created something pretty damn close to that old Gram Parsons dream of Cosmic American Music.



2013 $12.95