Maggie Björklund isn't a household name. Despite the surname unfamiliarity (she's Danish), the singer/pedal steel guitarist's debut solo album Coming Home is drawn very much from a familiar source, wedding Maggie's warm folksy style together with the contributions of musicians like Calexico, Mark Lanegan, Rachel Flotard (Visqueen) and Jon Auer of the Posies.

And it's from this context that we'd like to announce the launch of Maggie Bjorklund Video Roll Week. Involved are five of our favorite publications, coming together to support five new videos from Maggie's new album—each song with its own unique draw, and each supporting site offering the opportunity for one lucky person to win a copy of Coming Home.

Here's the gist of it:
Starting on Monday, April 25, Alarm Press will premiere the first video, which is a beautiful hi-def, live performance of 'Anchor Song' featuring Maggie, John Convertino of Calexico, Rachel Flotard of Visqueen, Rusty Willoughby, Johnny Sangster, Barrett Martin of Screeming Trees, and Barbara Hunter. Anyone who re-posts, Likes, or comments on the video—via Facebook, Twitter, and on the hosting site itself—will be eligible to win the new album.

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To raise your chances of winning, read through the rest of the premiere post to find out where the next video will be premiered the following day. Other participating sites are Magnet Magazine, Blurt Magazine, and My Old Kentucky Blog. And each day will contain a new song and additional musical guests in the video (hint: see aforementioned featured guests for who might appear).

Maggie's Video Week: April 25-29!
Monday – Alarm Press features "Anchor Song"
Tuesday - Magnet Magazine features "Vildspor"
Wednesday - Uprooted Music Review features "Insekt"
Thursday - My Old Kentucky Blog features "Intertwined" and Country Standard Time features "Summer Romance"
Friday - Blurt Magazine featured "Coming Home"