Over the last 20 + years, we've proudly released over 250 music albums. That's a hell of a lot to keep track of in our dingy, somewhat frightening warehouse.  We hate it when we accidentally wake up Warehouse Master Justin from his dreams of Dungeon mastery.

Sometimes, the bands break up, or they never get their due, or they weren't able to afford staying on the road, or the music flew under the world's radar. Hell, sometimes we just ordered too many. There are a thousand and seven reasons why we might end up with too many records.

We stand behind the music on these records and want you to HEAR IT!  Thus, we have a whole slew of classic and new-to-you Bloodshot releases marked down to $5. (And remember you can sample songs on each album page!)


You know what you CAN'T get for $5?  Some sort of basil-infused gin with elderflower liquer, simple syrup and truffle salt cocktail served with ample attitude at your neighborhood hipster bar; a locally sourced pork chop from a pig who was massaged daily with cocoa butter and rosemary by a Czech dominatrix; a standing room only ticket located next to the urinal in the fourth balcony at a showing of Hamilton; a bagel baked in an oven made of bricks from a 14th Neapolitan bathhouse, slathered in butter made from a cow named Daisy who lives in a field outside Madison WI.  All of these things cost WAY more than $5. And such pleasures are ever so fleeting in comparison to finding music you love.

So fill your ears with music without emptying your pockets.

The following titles are available on CD for only 5 bucks:

Andre Williams & the Sadies  Red Dirt

Andre Williams  Hoods and Shades

Ben Weaver  Mirepoix & Smoke

Ben Weaver The Ax in the Oak

Cordero En Este Momento

Cordero De Donde Eres

Danbert Nobacon Library Book of the World

Deadstring Brothers Starving Winter Report

Dollar Store Dollar Store

Dollar Store Money Music

Exene Cervenka Somewhere Gone

Grievous Angels New City of Sin

Grievous Angels Miles on the Rail

I'm Not Jim You Are All My People

Jim and Jennie & the Pinetops Rivers Roll On By

Mark Pickerel Cody's Dream

Mark Pickerel Snake in the Radio

The Meat Purveyors Pain By Numbers

The Meat Purveyors Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse

Moonshine Willy Pecadores

Moonshine Willy Bold Displays of Imperfection

Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys Your Favorite Fool

Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys Empty House

Rico Bell The Return of Rico Bell

Rico Bell Darkside of the Mersey

Riptones Extra Sauce

Riptones Cowboy Inn

Riptones Buckshot

Robbie Fulks Couples in Trouble

Scotland Yard Gospel Choir  ...and the horse you rode in on

The Silos Come on Like the Fast Lane

The Sundowners Chicago Country Legends

Trailer Bride Smelling Salts

Trailer Bride Hope Is a Thing with Feathers

Various Artists  Slaughter Rule Movie Soundtrack

Various Artists  Nashville: The Other Side Of The Alley

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Look Directly Into the Sun: China Pop 2007

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Martin Adkins' China Dub Soundsystem: Made in China

Waco Brothers   Electric Waco Chair