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Events for Rosie Flores

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Artist Date State / Country Citysort ascending Details
Rosie Flores 04.27.14 IL Virginia

Dr Ugs Cafe

Rosie Flores 04.19.14 MN Minneapolis

Lee's Liquor Lounge


Rosie Flores 04.23.14 KY Lexington

Willie's Locally Known

Rosie Flores 04.26.14 IN Indianapolis

Do317 Lounge

Rosie Flores 05.17.14 TX Houston

Continental Club

Rosie Flores 04.25.14 MI Grand Rapids

Tip Top Deluxe

Rosie Flores 05.09.14 TX Fredericksburg

Luckenbach Dance Hall

Rosie Flores 07.09.14 MI Detroit

Magic Stick

Rosie Flores 05.18.14 CA Dana Point

Doheny Blues Festival

Rosie Flores 04.24.14 IL Chicago

Reggie's Rock Club

Moonrunner's Pre-party!  $5 with pass

w/ Dustbowl Revival, Powder Mill, Righteous Hillbillies and Kent Rose

Rosie Flores 05.03.14 TX Bastrop

Bastrop Medical Fundraiser

Rosie Flores 06.06.14 ES Barcelona

Screamin' Rockabilly Weekender

w/ Marti Brom

Rosie Flores 05.10.14 TX Austin

Strange Brew