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Scott H Biram heard on Sons of Anarchy!

If you're a fan of the FX show Sons of Anarchy, you may have recognized Scott H Biram's "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue" playing during a very pivotal scene in last night's episode (there will be another SHB song on SOA in next week's new ep, as well).

It's not the first time a Bloodshot band has been featured on SOA — Check out this Songs of Anarchy playlist we put together over on Spotify, which features songs from Biram, Waco Brothers, Whitey Morgan and The 78s, Justin Townes Earle and Deadstring Brothers that have all appeared on previous episodes of SOA.

JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound Take Over Chicago Airwaves

On the heels of the release of their Bloodshot debut, Want More, post-soul evangelists JC Brooks And The Uptown Sound virtually took over the Chicago airwaves today with morning appearances on Chicago Public Radio's "848" and ABC 7's "Windy City Live." If you didn't get to catch the broadcasts, never fear! Listen to the 848 appearance here, and watch the WCL performance here!

Ha Ha Tonka preview on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations

Guns and food!

Food and guns!

oh, and music.

Our Ozark heartthrobs Ha Ha Tonka get grillin' with Anthony Bourdain on an upcoming episode of No ReservationsHERE'S a clip to get yer mouths watering.

And, if you're something of an HHT fanatic (and who wouldn't be...?) HERE'S some sweet behind the scenes pics

Miss the original airing?

Fear not, here are some dates when the episode is airing again

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Ozarks TRAVEL Channel Sun, Apr 3 8:00am CST
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Ozarks TRAVEL Channel Mon, Apr 4 7:00pm CST
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Ozarks TRAVEL Channel Tue, Apr 5 2:00am CST

The worlds of American Idol and Bloodshot Collide

Usually the artists on Bloodshot toil away in obscurity.  We like it that way, mostly.  Every once in a while, though, odd confluences in the ionsphere occur and popular culture weirdly or circuitously takes notice of us.

Last night was one such occurance when American Idol met Bloodshot and many heads were scratched.  It seems that a contestant busted out "Come Pick Me Up" from Ryan's debut solo album Heartbreaker.

The Blogosphere loved it.   Check THIS out, or THIS from the Village Voice.

Life can be weird sometimes.  So close to Steven Tyler, yet still so far....

Bottle Rockets on CNN

CNN stopped by a Bottle Rockets show in Atlanta recently in an attempt to tell the masses that which we already know:  that nobody writes and performs music about the regular guy like the Rockets.

Check it out HERE for an interview, watch live performances, and pat yourself on the back for knowing about them before all the CNN folks who are usually more interested in the Lady Gagas of the world.

WACO BROTHERS ON TV! It's a Holiday Miracle!

Set your TiVos or VCRs or whatever it is you use to record programming on the TV so's you can catch the WACO BROTHERS on WGN at 12:55pm Central time.

Those of you in Chicago can see it on Channel 9, and the rest of you can find the mighty WGN on cable.  It's a superstation, they tell me.

Also, there's the annual Waco holiday two-fer at Schubas this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

Rosie Flores on Tonight Show with Los Lobos

The title sez it all.  The Rockabilly Filly will be singing back up during Los Lobos' appearance on the Tonight Show this Wednesday (8/11).

Gives you a reason to watch the show...




Deadstring Brothers song on the TV this Weekend

The song "Houston" from the Deadstring Brothers' recent album Sao Paulo will be on the ABC show "Scoundrels" this Sunday, August 8th.

Check for your local listings.

Personally, we're usually too busy on Sunday nights with our feet in the kiddie pool and our mitts wrapped around an icy mojito to be inside watching TV.  We'll make an effort, though, to dry off our feet and dash inside and watch and listen.

Deadstring Brothers music on the TV

The Deadstring Brothers songs "Smile" and "The River Song" (from their
album Sao Paulo) will be featured in the ABC show Scoundrels on July 11th.

Check your listings for show times.  We don't watch much TV around here.  Are there vampires in this one?  Or is it a weight loss dance contest?  Will crimes be solved using space age technology beyond the budgets of any real life police department?

We get confused easily.

Anyway, enjoy!

Nora O'Connor in Billboard and Jakob Dylan Video

Check out THIS article in the huge industry mouthpiece BILLBOARD on Nora O'Connor. She talks about recording with Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples for an upcoming record, touring with Jakob Dylan and where she's been the past few years.

HERE is a video of Nora and Kelly Hogan singing with a "nice-smelling" Jakob Dylan on the Craig Ferguson show.  If you look carefully in the background you'll see Jon Rauhouse on pedal steel and Tom Ray on bass hiding behind their comically large beards.



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