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Nora O'Connor & Kelly Hogan on tour with Jakob Dylan

Two of the finest songbirds in the world (we may be biased on that one, but we really don't think by TOO much) Nora and Kelly are even better when they sing together.  Anyone who ever saw them Struts or Flat Five shows at the Hideout knows what we're talking about.

Jakob Dylan ain't no fool and is having them back him up on his summer tour.

So, while you're enjoying the show and gettin' all swoony over Mr D, check out the foxy ladies with the powerhouse vox behind him.

Go HERE for tour dates near you.


… In only the way Danbert Nobacon could release an illustrated fairy tale book! 3 DEAD PRINCES: An Anarchist Fairy Tale is set to be released on September 1. Filmmaker Alex Cox illustrates the story. Keep an eye out for a book tour in the fall!

Here's a sneak peek:

Princess Stormy lives in a semi-detached castle with her family and a Fool. When an unhappy neighboring kingdom decides to invade, Stormy must go on her quest, meeting giant Cats, Mermangels, Giggle Monkeys, a Gricklegrack, and Flying Lizards on the way. Oh, and she kills three princes. But that's by accident, and anyway it's their own fault ...

Firewater Spring Action!

Check out FIREWATER on tour this spring in Europe!

Bloodshot Digest 5-26-09

Semi-weekly, quick links to interesting Bloodshot things.
Sao Paulo

  • The Deadstring Brothers are returning in 2009 -- and have JUST ANNOUNCED new US summer tour dates in support of their upcoming long player, São Paulo. The album's not out for a minute, but we can't wait for you to hear it cos it's hot. And, I mean, SMOKING HOT. Just check out that artwork, folks.
  • Word's out! Justin Townes Earle's show in McCabe's in LA this weekend sold out! Check out an interview he did with the LA-based blog, When You Awake, here. And while we're talking JTE, here's your reminder that for just TWO MORE DAYS, we have Midnight at the Movies on super-sale for $10 LP/CD. Why, you ask? Well, as we reported last week, Midnight is nominated for THREE AMA awards -- Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Emerging Artist.
  • If your looking for some new, free music, please check out The Free Music Archive, which is spearheaded by the great freeform radio station, WFMU. Besides the dipping yr toes into Free Music Archive's Bloodshot catalog, there's A TON of other great (legal) music to check out there.
  • And finally, our gastronomically intrepid Radio guy, Swank, showed up to the office on this fake Monday morning with samples of his Bacon pizza. Nope, not pizza with a bacon topping -- a pizza where bacon has REPLACED THE CRUST. The sample had my arteries hardening with just a whiff, but it's tasty! Atkin's friendly, too!

    Joe's Bacon Pizza



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