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Andre Williams + Utah = ONE CRAZY TIME!

What state of our fine union comes to mind when you think of true bad ass soul?  That's right, UTAH!

Andre is hitting Utah for the first time ever and we look forward to hearing about what sort of cultural earthquakes he may set off.  Check out THIS incredible picture and article in Salt Lake City's local alt-paper the Slug.

"Andre Williams plays the kind of music that SLUG magazine is proud to get behind. Down and dirty, completely authentic & 100% original, a real soul rebel, his obscurity is almost baffling."

We swear, Andre gets more action than all of us put together.

P.S. We have absolutely NO idea why Mark Pickerel is lurking in the background.

Justin had to cancel some shows this week.

Unfortunately Justin’s shows this coming weekend will be cancelled. He injured his hand this past weekend and has 19 stitches and there’s no way he can play guitar. We apologize for any inconveniences. We’re working on rescheduling the Iron Horse show for late August and hope to make an announcement on that soon.

Usually, being the cruel overlords that we are, we insist on 20 stitches before allowing shows to be cancelled, but we figured 19 was close and he IS a guitar player and they ARE on his hand.

We'll keep you posted on any other changes.

Stupid Icelandic Volcano

You know, this indie music racket is a tough one.  We struggle, we plan, we do everything we can to mitigate all the travails that are heaped upon our artists in their tour vans.  Blown tires, shot transmissions, snowstorms, unscrupulous promoters, commercial indifference, bird flu, plagues, hangovers, faulty Mapquest directions, stalkers, and a hundred other factors have reared their ugly heads to disrupt tours.

But a VOLCANO?  In Iceland?  ICELAND?

That's a new one on us.  However, it is our duty to inform our European buddies that the Dex Romweber Duo has had to cancel their upcoming run through Spain and France due to the chaos in the air thanks to that F***ING Icelandic volcano eruption.

We're sorry about that (to the extent that we had anything to do with magma shooting out from the center of the earth...) We're gonna try to get them back as soon as we can.

As of this writing, the DRD are still planning on making their festival date in Kilkenny IRELAND.  But that could all change.  Maybe they'll hit by a meteor or something, who knows?



The legendary (and totally sweet, by the way) Exene Cervenka has confirmed a tour of the West Coast consisting entirely of FREE performances at record stores starting in April!

Why a tour of record stores and not clubs? Exene 'splains.....

"The reason I am touring independent record stores from San Diego to Seattle this April is that I want to play for free, to people of all ages, at a reasonable hour, in a place we love to be. I'm touring at my own expense, because I don't want the economy to stand between my music and people that might want to hear it. Yes, I hope I sell some aprons and a few cds, but bring your X records, the kids, shop independent, and let's have a party!" xo, exene

So, really, you have NO excuse not to come out and see an amazing performer, support your local store and mix and mingle with other folks of outstanding taste and quality.

Bummed that  your city and fave store isn't on this list?  Well, then, tell all your friends, family and total strangers you know on the coast to show up and make this a resounding success and she'll do more and possibly come your way!

Check out the dates HERE.



Jon Langford hitting Europe on a Kevin Coyne Tribute tour

We are pleased to announce that the final dates and artist line-up for the long-awaited Kevin Coyne tribute concerts in Belgium can now be confirmed.

All the dates are scheduled for this December at the following venues:

Fri. Dec. 11th - Muze en Meisse, Brussels
Sat. Dec. 12th - N9, Eeklo
Mon. Dec. 14th - Fagot, Ingelmunster
Thu. Dec. 17th - GC de Steenhoven, Herzele
Fri. Dec. 18th - Centrale, Ghent
Sat. Dec. 19th - Stadsschouwburg, Brugge

The performers who are coming together to pay tribute to Kevin share a long history with him, as musical collaborators, friends and family -- and all of them as fans.

Forming the nucleus of the band for the six dates will be: Jon Langford (guitar), Wreckless Eric (bass), Amy Rigby (guitar and keyboards), Werner Steinhauser (drums) and Robert Coyne (guitar).

Frans Joseph Goof will also be appearing at all the shows and Brendan Croker at all except the gig in Eeklo on the 12th.

Eugene Coyne will join the band for the final three shows in Herzele, Ghent and Brugge, with Patrick Riguelle also appearing at the final Brugge date and Erik Van Den Broeck playing at selected dates throughout the tour.

The setlist of songs will be drawn from every period of Kevin Coyne's long career, with each participant singing their own particular favourites prompted by their personal memories of Kevin.

We hope that you'll be able to join us to remember and celebrate the life, work and lasting influence of this great artist.

For further details on venues and reservation please go to the website

Ha Ha Tonka announces tour with Cross Canadian Ragweed!

Ozark boys Ha Ha Tonka have announced teaming up with Oklahoma boys Cross Canadian Ragweed for a month long tour in the US starting on November 28th in Indianapolis and hitting the Midwest and East Coast.

A double bill to be reckoned with, friends.  For a complete listing, go here

Bloodshot Digest July 17th, 2009

  • On Monday, we had one of those evenings when we remember why we live here.  The Shelebration, a tribute to Shel Silverstein was held at Millennium downtown.  The weather was perfect.  We brought a picnic and jug of vodka and juice.  The band was Bobby Bare Jr, Nora O'Connor, Patrick from My Morning Jacket, Chris Scruggs and others.  Guests included Sally Timms, Will Oldham, Bobby Bare Sr and Jon Langford.  Check out the video Jon's version of the Shel-penned A Boy Named Sue here.
  • What do YOU think of when you add up Salt Lake City and a Metal record store?  That's right: WAYNE HANCOCK! Turns out the dudes dig themselves some Wayne at our new buddies The Heavy Metal Shop store in SLC.  Check out these videos from an in store performance he did with Joe Buck Yourself here.
  • Rob's Recommendation of the Week: Gale Street Inn on Milwaukee.  Every year, several friends and I congregate SOMEWHERE for strong drink, meaty meats, conviviality and the All Star Game (for BASEBALL, you Visigoths).   The AL won in part due to the triple by Tigers' outfielder Curtis Granderson.  Oh yeah. The ribs are of the meltinyourmouth variety.  Not smoked.  Just tender and addicting.  It being Chicago, our appetizer for the table (actually the horseshoe part of the bar near the TVs) was a FRIED CHICKEN.  Yes, a whole fried chicken.  Pass the toothpicks.   Say hi to the owner George, he's got the classic Chicago-Belushi-ish vibe.  By the way, the leftover ribs are one of the only things that heat up well in a microwave.  And Go Tigers!

Detroit Cobras and Dex Romweber Announce One Helluva Double Bill!

The Detroit Cobras and the Dex Romweber Duo just announced a 30 date tour together starting in early May that snakes (no pun intended) from coast to coast.

Now THAT is a high octane rock and roll double bill, friends!

Go here for details.  To stoke the fires in your nether rock and roll regions, CDs and LPs by both have been put on sale for May!  It's too cheap NOT to rock.  Seriously.

Stay tuned for info on how to win tickets.

DEX Opening shows with CAT POWER

The Dex Romweber Duo has landed some plum opening dates for superfan CAT POWER.

February 6th thru the 8th in NYC and DC.

Click here for details.

Bottle Rockets Celebrate 15 Years With Select Shows and Some Contest Action

The Rockets are survivors. To celebrate and to gear up for their forthcoming Bloodshot album (to be released in 2009,) The Bottle Rockets are playing 15 select shows world wide. This is your chance to join the band in an anniversary celebration of all they've accomplished and the remarkable work to come. In addition, Brian will play all dates with a custom made guitar (worth $1500) courtesy of Creston Electric Instruments that will be given away at the last show of 2008 via a live webcast. In addition to the guitar, the band will be awarding a "Bottle Rockets for Life" prize package to a lucky fan that includes all past and future albums, t-shirts, and free tickets to any show, anytime (see contest and tour details here).



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