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Scott H Biram


Biram Bullhorn

When we asked if Scott H Biram had anything cool to offer up as a grand prize for the random drawing of folks who pre-ordered his new album, he came through in spades.  He sent us a gen-u-ine autographed bullhorn he's used on stage.

And the winner is: Kyle Gunning of Kewanee IL!

He can now annoy his neighbors with style and pride!  Thanks all who pre-ordered.

Scott H Biram and Old 97s on new FREE Southern Independent compilation

Give Me My XXXVolume 3 of "Southern Independent," the collections curated by Shooter Jennings has been released for FREE.

It includes tracks from Scott H Biram's new album, as well as a collaboration between Waylon Jennings and the Old 97s!

All's ya gotta do to get it is go HERE



Shooter Jennings emailed us the other day singing the praises of the upcoming   SCOTT H BIRAM album Bad Ingredients.  It made us smile.  A lot. These are the kinds of emails we LIKE getting.

"Hey I just wanted to write u. I heard "Bad Ingredients" and it is seriously the best record I've heard since, fuck, I don't know maybe the first White Stripes record I fell in love with or something. Biram is such a great lyricist. The whole thing is a masterpiece. I've told him a hundred times but this fucking record... If he doesn't blow up over this, there is something seriously wrong with the industry. He's got the familiarity of a Jack White and kinda hits Black Keys moments vocally and style-wise, I'm just so floored.

I've listened to it probably 20 times and I've listened to "Broke Ass" at least 50 times.  Like young scumbag Leonard Cohen.

But he is Biram and he is country, which they can't touch. I am floored."

Amen, Shooter, amen. And thanks.

Just a reminder, it hits the streets on October 11th, but you can pre-order it now or catch Scott on the road all fall


Scott H Biram & Mekons Album Pre-sale Premiums

It's the fall and we've got a earload of great music coming at you in short order, so we hope you can keep up.  Hot on the heels of the already critically adored Lydia Loveless album, we've got two upcoming records available for pre-sale, with some dandy premiums to boot.

>>THE MEKONS Ancient & Modern CD/LP hits stores on Sept 27th, but order now and be entered in a random drawing for goodies like:

-Autographed copy of Jon Langford's Skull Orchard Revisited"
-Copy of the Mekons lyrics book Hello Cruel World
-Copy of Mekons United book/cd
-1 of 2 numbered 13 x22 full color hatch show prints from their 30th Anniversary tour
-Set of 3 numbered 11" x15" prints from Hello Cruel World

What we'll do is draw your name and contact you and see which item you'd like. K?

>>SCOTT H BIRAM's new CD/LP Bad Ingredients will be released on October 11th.

Pre-orders will receive a tour poster, a download code for a bonus song AND be entered in a drawing for a gen-u-wine autographed Scott H Biram BULLHORN!

So, get on the stick!

All Kinds of Content For You Today!

Videos! Interviews!  Rather than post separately, here are the nifty bits 'o' media oddness that crossed our virtual desks today (well, maybe not TODAY, but I'm finally getting around to them.)

--HA HA TONKA:  Most people assume that life on the road is one of glamour and comfort.  Well, HHT shows just how TRUE THIS IS with THIS hilarious (yet sadly accurate) little video on Digital Tour Bus about their trusty (well, not so trusty, but that's another story) van.  SWOON ALERT: Luke Long is shirtless throughout the video.  See how REAL musicians travel...

--JON LANGFORD: While Jon girds himself of his upcoming EAST COAST tour, we thought we'd wet your musical whistle with THIS video posted on Time Out Chicago of him and band performing acoustic "Getting Used To Uselessness" from his latest fab slab Old Devils

--SCOTT H BIRAM: Someone thought it would be smart to put SHB on TV in Austin.  Check THIS out, man.  Scott's covering Don Walser, yodels his ass off in a Black Flag T and camo trucker cap after being intro'd by the squeaky clean super square TV host.

--BEN WEAVER: A fantastic feature on Aquarium Drunkard. It's called Diversions and covers artists waxing about subjects other than performing.  Ben talks about meeting the great southern author Larry Brown

--WHITEY MORGAN: Our Flint outlaw country dudes did a podcast with Taproot Radio.  Listen in HERE

WHEW!  That oughtta keep you all occupied for AT LEAST an hour at "work"


Biram video live in the studio

Scott H Biram popped by the studios of SugarHill in Houston to play some new songs and talk about what's in his mojo bag.  The answer may disturb you.

He throws down some new songs as well.

Have a look HERE

Wild Scott H. Biram Interview in LA


Something about the antics and musical attack of Herr Biram inspires some good writing and provides some far out interview material.

Check out this interview in the LA Record as Scott talks about how much metal he's got in his body from all his accidents, locking himself in a Port-a-Potty while on mushrooms, and taking acting classes and figgering out how not to freak out around people.  It's a great read.

From the intro: "Scott H. Biram is an American hollerer with a bunch of room to himself between David Allan Coe and Jack Oblivian. He likes Black Flag but sometimes he gets weird and reedy like Dock Boggs, and he decides here that he is probably not going to take shrooms again for a little bit."

Read it all HERE


Kick Ass Scott H. Biram Live Review, Wherein a journalist eats his words!

We just love it when a music writer goes to a show with a pre-conceived notion of somebody and proceeds to have his mind blown AND he or she fesses up to it!

Check out this conversion experience of a writer in Phoenix at a recent Scott H Biram show.

Scott talks about his "special" way of playing Led Zeppelin covers.  NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!  Shield the eyes of children.  Read it HERE.

Bloodshot Digest: 11-11-09

Bloodshot Digest: The "I'm So Pissed FOX Cancelled Dollhouse" Edition:

  • No Depression has been hard-at-work digitizing its back issues for the web. This week, they featured Scott H Biram's cover story from a few years back -- fans new to Scott's work can read about the horrific car crash Biram survived, and recovered from, with determination and humor.
  • Speaking of surviving, we're happy to report SYGC continues to heal from their van accident. We're told that Mark's now able to take walks, and should be able to go home soon. There's another benefit show for the band tomorrow night at the venue, and our just-announced holiday show at The Double Door will also aid the band. Gapers Block has the rundown here.


Bloodshot Digest: 10-13-09

The But The Weatherman Promised Me Snow edition:

  • After swearing at me about how STUPID Twitter is, Scott H Biram went and joined it. You can follow him @ScottHBiram. In 140 characters or less, Biram's been regaling us with tales from his current US tour—check out the dates and see if he'll be headed your way.
  • Perfect Sound Forever has an interview with Exene, where she talks about moving back to LA, where the punk scene is now, and how she almost changed her last name -- You can read it here.
  • The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir is continuing to recover from its van accident last month, but good news is coming in: Mark is out of ICU; Gibson is replacing the guitar Mary lost in the wreck; and WOXY / will be featuring SYGC as their band of the week on Thursday!
  • In more SYGC news, both Subterranean and The Hideout in Chicago have generously donated nights for benefit shows -- Halloween eve at Sub-T will feature BBU, Canasta, New Duncan Imperials, Kevin Flynn and the Avondale Ramblers, along w/ appearances from members of SYGC. Meanwhile, the Hideout announced a benefit on November 12 featuring The 1900s and Brighton, MA. You can read more about these shows here.




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