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Ha Ha Tonka Blogging from the Studio

Ever wonder what goes on in the studio?  Ever wonder how music is created?  The process?  The arguments?  The appearance of Yoko Ono grinding things to a halt?  How to feed the USC marching band when they show up to record their parts? Who separates the green M&Ms from the red M&Ms in the break room?

Then we've got the blog for you.  Join Ha Ha Tonka as they churn through the process of making their next record.  They are feverishly blogging HERE to keep you in the loop.

Dex Romweber Duo Records w/ Jack White!

Dex and Sara Romweber went in to Jack White's Nashville studio last week to record a couple of songs for an upcoming 7''. White, who's A HUGE Dex Romweber fan (you can see Jack talk about Dex's influence in the documentary "Two Headed Cow"), will release the 7'' via his label, Third Man -- but it will also be available for purchase via our site. So, keep checking back to see when it hits our virtual store!

For more information about Dex and Sara's session with Jack, read this interview Dex did with Metromix Nashville.


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