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Revenge of the Mekons, the documentary about the band Lester Bangs calls "the most revolutionary group in the history of rock 'n' roll," the crew that birthed Bloodshot stalwarts Jon Langford, Sally Timms, and more, is coming to the silver screen! The film premieres tonight at the DOC NYC Festival at the SVA Theater! It will also hit upcoming film festivals around the world, including the Leeds International Film Festival. 

Don't worry, if you can't make it to the premieres, the movie will get into your grubby hands soon enough. 

Watch the totally rad trailer here!

Get more info here.

World Premiere of "Revenge of the Mekons" Documentary

The long-in-the-works documentary REVENGE OF THE MEKONS is having it's WORLD PREMIERE November 15th in NEW YORK CITY at the NYC DOC festival

Other screenings:

NOVEMBER 16TH: Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington NC


From the program:

WORLD PREMIERE Emerging from the first blast of 1977 U.K. punk rock, the Mekons were notorious, as critic Greil Marcus notes, for being “the band that took punk ideology most seriously.” Charting the group’s progression from socialist art students with no musical skills through its reinvention as rabble-rousing progeny of Hank Williams, the film reveals how, four decades into a still-evolving career, the Mekons continue to make original, genre-defying music while staying true to the punk ethos.

Mekons + Freakwater = Freakons!

See the birth (and most likely death) of the FREAKONS at the Hideout on Sunday September 22nd in Chicago....the offspring of two very aged parents with all the attendant problems, the Mekons and Freakwater combine their musical talents to sing songs of the old mines for your delectation.

And all at the very civilized time of 6pm...Who would miss it? Advance tickets highly recommended as they have to pay for elder care and transportation...only ten stinking bucks...Buy a ticket even if you have no plans to come them to help themselves (again!)


Today, January 20th, in 1978, the Mekons released their first single "Never Been In A Riot"  on the indie Fast Records.

That first incarnation of the The Mekons consisted of Kevin Lycette and Tom Greenhalgh on guitar, Jon Langford on drums, Mary on bass and Mark White and Andrew Corrigan sharing vocals.

It was described in NME as "making the Sex Pistols look like Paper Lace.'"

So, in honor of this day in music history, we're offering up ANY Waco Brothers or Jon Langford CD on a buy one get one free basis.  Order any of these fine albums, and then write in the comments section of the order form which freebie you'd like!

Act fast, this is for today only (I'll take down the offer whenever I wake up tomorrow morning, so as to give all you folks in UK and Australia who are already asleep a chance to act on this.)

And keep in mind, this is for CDS ONLY (no books, or LPs)

Mekons Winners in the Pre-Sale Drawing

Today's the release day for the Mekons new album Ancient & Modern.

Everyone who pre-ordered the album was entered in a random drawing for all sorts of odd Mekons ephemera.  We've put all the orders in our big DRUM OF FUN and pulled out our winners.  And they are...

Carl Johnson -- Los Angeles

Ram Zimmerman -- Austin TX

Robert Roberson --- Richview IL

Chris Ruhlen --- Kensington MD

Tim Kelleher -- Wheaton IL

Stan Carpenter --- Shreveport LA

Congratulations and thanks for the support.

HI-larious Mekons interview

Check out THIS interview with Jon Langford and Sally Timms regarding the MEKONS new album.

It is full of the self-deprecating bon mots you have grown to need over the years...

Hell, even the title of the article "No One Buys Our Records" ought to be a clue.

A couple of our favorite gems:

"I’ve got teenage kids, and when I talk to them and their friends about issues that concern me they think I’m a paranoid loon. "

"We should have split up for 10 years and gotten back together. Maybe we can still do that."

ST: "Except we’d be dead before there’s any interest in us reforming."

"I do lots of things, but there’s nothing I like as much as The Mekons."

Scott H Biram & Mekons Album Pre-sale Premiums

It's the fall and we've got a earload of great music coming at you in short order, so we hope you can keep up.  Hot on the heels of the already critically adored Lydia Loveless album, we've got two upcoming records available for pre-sale, with some dandy premiums to boot.

>>THE MEKONS Ancient & Modern CD/LP hits stores on Sept 27th, but order now and be entered in a random drawing for goodies like:

-Autographed copy of Jon Langford's Skull Orchard Revisited"
-Copy of the Mekons lyrics book Hello Cruel World
-Copy of Mekons United book/cd
-1 of 2 numbered 13 x22 full color hatch show prints from their 30th Anniversary tour
-Set of 3 numbered 11" x15" prints from Hello Cruel World

What we'll do is draw your name and contact you and see which item you'd like. K?

>>SCOTT H BIRAM's new CD/LP Bad Ingredients will be released on October 11th.

Pre-orders will receive a tour poster, a download code for a bonus song AND be entered in a drawing for a gen-u-wine autographed Scott H Biram BULLHORN!

So, get on the stick!

RIP, Don Walls, Last of The Sundowners

We're sad to report that the last remaining member of the legendary Chicago country band The Sundowners, Don Walls, passed away yesterday. The Sundowners were good friends of Bloodshot and an inspiration to younger bands, like the Waco Brothers. In this essay, Waco Jon Langford explains what The Sundowners meant to him. In 2004, we released a compilation of The Sundowners' catalog (only a small portion of the 15,000 songs they learned to play), which is still available on CD and digitally.


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