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Lydia Loveless


Bad Machine TourLook out! Scott H. Biram and Lydia Loveless join forces for the double bill of the winter: The aptly titled Bad Machine Tour.  Hot on the heels of their outstanding new albums in Biram’s Bad Ingredients and Loveless’ Indestructible Machine, The Bad Machine Tour begins in Dallas, TX on January 26 and circles around the Southeastern US before looping back to Houston, Texas  two weeks later.

Full tour dates HERE as well as FREE MP3s from their respective albums.


...well not her, but her music....

Her song "How Many Women" from her wicked debut album Indestructible Machine will be featured on Fox TV's show Alcatraz on Monday, January 16th. 9pm eastern, 8pm central.

They tell us it'll be the "background music in the gun shop."   Sounds promising!

So, here's a sentence I'd never thought I'd type: Make sure to tune into Fox TV!

Lydia Loveless Performance on KDHX Archived

Lydia Loveless stopped by the studios of our pals in St Louis, the mighty KDHX...

They've archived some studio photos as well as the audio from her on air performance.  Check out her stripped down versions of her "hits" "Jesus was A Wino," "Can't Change Me" and "How Many Women."

Just go HERE

Super LYDIA LOVELESS rave in

We've been doing this long enough that we can spot a journalist or blogger who is just phoning it in, who crib from our press releases, juggle it around and rush out the door to get to the bar 5 minutes sooner.

Thus, it always does our hearts good to read a piece by someone who is obviously OVERCOME by something, who writes with a giddy passion.  Check out THIS in depth review of Lydia's new album Indestrucible Machine in

Here's just a couple of the highlights:

“If you believe in Rock ‘N’ Roll, you pray for people like Lydia Loveless.”

Indestructible Machine
is as good as anything I’ve heard this year and marks the true, and truly defiant, arrival of what could be a serious talent… This music is razor sharp but bluntly honest, witty, massively entertaining, and often crushingly swoonsome… A riot starr is born! But God help us, this one’s gonna be trouble.”

Wethinks he likes it!

Lydia Loveless Daytrotter Session Goes Live

Lydia swung by the Daytrotter studio a couple of months ago and recorded a set.  They put it up live today.

I think they liked it:

"She gives us some of these farewells and some of the spicy interludes the way we never get to see them unless they're happening to us for real. They are blunt and the cut to the chase. They are stories that male songwriters would pretty up, but Loveless would be the first to admit that she'd never pussy out like that. She hits us with it all and it leaves that sweet sting, all while still settling in like something that used to be written and played all the time in old Nashville." - Daytrotter

Check out the session HERE

The Critics Be Liking the Lydia...

The first week of Lydia Loveless' Indestructible Machine have seen the pointy headed music literati singing (pardon the cheapo pun) her praises.  Here's a few links to nudge in the direction of giving her a try...

<<"Remarkable" sez SPIN... Read the FULL review

<<"When all is said and done it represents as strong a debut album that the genre has seen in quite some time" opines Absolute Punk...FULL REVIEW HERE

<<Chicago Tribune gushes  "these are songs that signal a major new voice blowing into the country-punk dives and honky-tonks"--- Read it all HERE

<<and Cincinnati City Beat chimes in with "Lydia Loveless has already blazed an impressive trail."  Read the interview and review HERE

So, c'mon, don't be scared, don't remain LOVELESS any longer (oh, we're crackin' ourselves with these puns...)


Lydia Loveless Photo Shoot

On the eve of her inaugural BS release, one which we hope will have her music and story all over the interwebs, we thought we give you a peek "behind the scenes."

The Ely Brothers did a photo shoot of Lydia a couple weeks back and they filmed it as well, so's you can see what goes into to such a thing. It's a pretty cool they work in the final photos into the video, and use "Can't Change Me" as the soundtrack.

Enjoy it HERE

LYDIA LOVELESS album available for pre-sale

Indestructible Machine, available in stores and digitally on September 13th, is now available for pre-sale.

All pre-orders will get a free full color 11" x17 " poster and be entered in a random drawing to receive autographed copies of the CD or LP.  (sorry slowpokes, the first 40 autographed posters have already been spoken for...)

Get on board a record that SPIN has already called "A remarkable debut....8 out of 10 stars"

Listen to tracks on our new releases playlist as well

Bloodshot would like to announce the beginning of two new, exciting relationships.

Effective immediately, Bloodshot is the exclusive distributor of  the re-launched, artist-run record label Misra Records. The Durham, NC-based indie has previously released music from the likes of Phosphorescent, Great Lake Swimmers, Shearwater, Centro-Matic, Destroyer, and many other exceptional up-and-comers.

We've been fans for a while and have been quite taken by their feisty outlook, their conviction, their deep love of music and their scrappy dedication to their artists. They kinda remind us of, well, us.

To celebrate their rebirth as an artist-operated company, Misra is releasing a free artist-curated compilation entitled Misra Legacy Compilation Volume I, celebrating veteran acts (such as the aforementioned) as well as the more current fare (The Black Swans, Hallelujah the Hills, and more), side by side. Download the whole thing for free by going the to label site.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that we have signed artist Lydia Loveless to the label roster.  Blessed with a blast-it-to-the-back-of-the-room voice, the 20 year old native of Columbus, OH combines country classicism with punk rock candor--sometimes within the same song. Look for her debut Bloodshot release in the fall of 2011.

As her first appearance as an official Bloodshot artist, Lydia will be performing on February 20th at North Star Bar in Philadelphia, PA at our Philly Brew Bash, along with new labelmates Eddie Spaghetti (new album Sundowner released on 2/15), Whitey Morgan and the 78's, and Jon Langford . Tickets are available for the event HERE.

Stay tuned as we get the website up to date with photos, bios, music and more so we can, hopefully, get you as excited as we are with our new family members.




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