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Jon Langford

LA TIMES feature on Langford

In prepartion of his imminent arrival to the Left Coast, the LA Times saw the profound wisdom in running THIS feature on Jon Langford and his new album Old Devils. He talks about his inspiration for the songs and why he keeps going.



Jon Langford In store performance at the mighty Amoeba Music!

Jon Langford, whose is making some rare SoCal appearances behind his brand new album just confirmed a FREE IN STORE PERFORMANCE at one of the world's best record stores AMOEBA MUSIC.

It's on September 26th at 5pm.

Don't tell us we never warn you about these things...

6400 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

Jon Langford Retail Specials

Looking for an excuse to get out of the house and interact with actual human beings?  HERE'S a list of independently-owned stores (Remember?  Stores?) that have Jon's new album Old Devils on sale, or giving away stuff or letting you hear it for free on a listening post.  Or all three.

Support local indies!  We hope there's one near you.

Tell them we sent you!  Enjoy your little excursion out to the world.

Make sure to check with the store for availability and act fast on the giveaways.  All are first come first serve.

NOW AVAILABLE! The soundtrack to "All The Fame of Lofty Deeds"!

This month saw the premiere of The House Theatre's production of "All The Fame of Lofty Deeds," a play written by rock journo Mark Guarino based on the Jon Langford album of the same name. Although the play itself is ending its run this week (you can read all about it here), you can listen to the music from the play forever and ever via this exclusive soundtrack available at Amazon. Download it now!

All the Fame of Lofty Deeds hits the big stage!

A few months ago, we told you about a theater production being mounted based on Jon's album All the Fame of Lofty Deeds.

Well, we are now here to tell you that it is finally ready to go, the boards to be trod, and tickets to go on sale tomorrow!

The skinny:

All the Fame of Lofty Deeds at The Chopin Theatre

November 12, 2009 - December 20, 2009

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm.  Sundays at 7pm

"Written by rock journalist Mark Guarino and featuring the music and artwork of Bloodshot Records recording artist Jon Langford, this phantasmic journey into the mind of a fictional country music legend is what an episode of Howdy Doody might look like if it were directed by David Lynch. Sadly reflective and yet hilariously surreal, the show mixes rock biography, live music and stunning visual effects to tell a tripped out tale of the demise of America's last living cowboy. TICKETS ON SALE OCTOBER 29!"

Go to the theatre's website here for more details!

Look out CATS!  Stand aside Mamma Mia!  Here comes Langford......

Jon Langford hitting Europe on a Kevin Coyne Tribute tour

We are pleased to announce that the final dates and artist line-up for the long-awaited Kevin Coyne tribute concerts in Belgium can now be confirmed.

All the dates are scheduled for this December at the following venues:

Fri. Dec. 11th - Muze en Meisse, Brussels
Sat. Dec. 12th - N9, Eeklo
Mon. Dec. 14th - Fagot, Ingelmunster
Thu. Dec. 17th - GC de Steenhoven, Herzele
Fri. Dec. 18th - Centrale, Ghent
Sat. Dec. 19th - Stadsschouwburg, Brugge

The performers who are coming together to pay tribute to Kevin share a long history with him, as musical collaborators, friends and family -- and all of them as fans.

Forming the nucleus of the band for the six dates will be: Jon Langford (guitar), Wreckless Eric (bass), Amy Rigby (guitar and keyboards), Werner Steinhauser (drums) and Robert Coyne (guitar).

Frans Joseph Goof will also be appearing at all the shows and Brendan Croker at all except the gig in Eeklo on the 12th.

Eugene Coyne will join the band for the final three shows in Herzele, Ghent and Brugge, with Patrick Riguelle also appearing at the final Brugge date and Erik Van Den Broeck playing at selected dates throughout the tour.

The setlist of songs will be drawn from every period of Kevin Coyne's long career, with each participant singing their own particular favourites prompted by their personal memories of Kevin.

We hope that you'll be able to join us to remember and celebrate the life, work and lasting influence of this great artist.

For further details on venues and reservation please go to the website

Bloodshot Rob & Nan to appear on WXRT's Eclectic Company

Join host Jon Langford on WXRT's Eclectic Company radio show for a couple hours of amusing anecdotes, new Bloodshot releases, and favorites from the record collections of the misguided lunatics who started this label.  Yes, that's right, turn your radio dial to STUN as co-founders Rob Miller and Nan Warshaw provide INVALUABLE insight on the inner workings of this beehive.  They also shamlessly promote the huge STREET FAIR at the Hideout for the label's 15th anniversary on September 12th.   Airs on September 8th, from 10 pm to midnight central time.

Tune in, it's BOUND to be better than the other choices on the dial: some old guy yelling at you about death panels, or some less older guy playing Pink Floyd album sides, or some drowsy college DJ playing obscure Belgian jazz CDs.

Bloodshot Digest: 7-22-09

Bloodshot Digest: The "Short and Sweet" Edition

Ben Weaver Art• My Old Kentucky Blog gives Charlie Pickett some love calling Bar Band Americanus one of "4 You Mighta Missed" -- hey, better late than never! You can read MOKB's review here. The cool blog Lost Forest After Dark also discussed Charlie's ouevre recently, and some of the commenters share early Charlie/Eggs memories and stories ...

• Ha Ha Tonka recorded a live session with Palestra, and they just posted three videos from the session for yr lunch break entertainment: "Hold My Feet To The Fire," "Walking on the Devils Backbone" and "So Quiet, They're Loud".

SCOTT RECOMMENDS: In light of the the forthcoming celebratory events and contingent art shows, we thought it’d be timely to spotlight the fact that some in the Bloodshot family are purveyors and creators of more than merely timeless music: some create fine art as well. We invite you to visit them on-line, to revel in their visual musings, and to appreciate the breadth of their creativity and vision. If you've already completed collecting these artists' discography, consider supporting them with purchasing art!

Bloodshot Digest July 17th, 2009

  • On Monday, we had one of those evenings when we remember why we live here.  The Shelebration, a tribute to Shel Silverstein was held at Millennium downtown.  The weather was perfect.  We brought a picnic and jug of vodka and juice.  The band was Bobby Bare Jr, Nora O'Connor, Patrick from My Morning Jacket, Chris Scruggs and others.  Guests included Sally Timms, Will Oldham, Bobby Bare Sr and Jon Langford.  Check out the video Jon's version of the Shel-penned A Boy Named Sue here.
  • What do YOU think of when you add up Salt Lake City and a Metal record store?  That's right: WAYNE HANCOCK! Turns out the dudes dig themselves some Wayne at our new buddies The Heavy Metal Shop store in SLC.  Check out these videos from an in store performance he did with Joe Buck Yourself here.
  • Rob's Recommendation of the Week: Gale Street Inn on Milwaukee.  Every year, several friends and I congregate SOMEWHERE for strong drink, meaty meats, conviviality and the All Star Game (for BASEBALL, you Visigoths).   The AL won in part due to the triple by Tigers' outfielder Curtis Granderson.  Oh yeah. The ribs are of the meltinyourmouth variety.  Not smoked.  Just tender and addicting.  It being Chicago, our appetizer for the table (actually the horseshoe part of the bar near the TVs) was a FRIED CHICKEN.  Yes, a whole fried chicken.  Pass the toothpicks.   Say hi to the owner George, he's got the classic Chicago-Belushi-ish vibe.  By the way, the leftover ribs are one of the only things that heat up well in a microwave.  And Go Tigers!

Bloodshot Digest 6-17-09

Bloodshot Digest: New release edition!

Walter's Dogs

  • Finally, is with a stunned and heavy heart that we report on the passing of stalwart Chicago soundman Gary Rogers. An interesting cast of characters populates the local music scene, and I’m confident that other area musicians will agree with me when I say that Gary was one of the most original, sincere, and nicest of the bunch. He loved his work, and we always shared a story and a laugh (and usually a Guinness) whenever he manned the knobs for my band. At our most recent show, at the Bottom Lounge, I joked one on one with him from the stage, and I’m grateful we recorded that night’s performance, and hence that exchange, so that I can always remember him laughing. He was an authentically good person, he was good at his job, and he will be missed. The Bottom lounge will host a benefit for his family on Tuesday 6/30. - Scott Schaefer, Bloodshot Records



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