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Bloodshot Nan and Rob interviewed on NPR

Here Bloodshot co-founders Nan and Rob interviewed on NPR in their natural element, a bar, as they prepare for SXSW and their 15th anniversary as a business.

Archived here

Read full piece

I'm Not Jim Performance on World Cafe

I'm Not Jim convened in the studios of the World Cafe for a rare performance.

Super cool.  It's archived here.

Justin Earle on The Musicians Life

The Musicians Life is a radio series on WXPN in Philadelphia that examines the everyday lives of musicians from the artists themselves, from the creative to the mundane.

Hear Justin talk about life on the road and hear some songs.  Show is archived here.

Interview With Biram About His Musical Tastes did a great interview with Scott you can watch about his love of metal and other musical influences.  He tells it better than we ever can.

There's also some primo footage of him performing at Riley's Tavern. Looky here.

I'm Not Jim's Jonathan Letham talks music on eMusic

I'm Not Jim's author half Jonathan Letham talks music on eMusic. It's a great, in-depth interview on the process of recording  the album and of Jonathan's longstanding obsession with music.  Give a listen here.

Waco Brothers on KEXP

KEXP's archived a Waco Brothers' live performance and interview.  To give it a listen, click  here. They do several songs and the interview is full of the tomfoolery you've grown to expect and cherish.

Performance and interview with Scotland Yard Gospel Choir on NPR Music

KEXP's Kevin Cole interviewed the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir on NPR Music. To check out recordings from the band's live in-studio session, go here!

Massive Paul Burch Interview

Pure Music posted the longest, best written, and most in-depth interview with Paul Burch ever, going into deep detail about Paul 's influences and inspirations. This article is a must-read for any true afficionado of his music, so be sure to take a look at it here!

Pickerel Interview on Podcast

The endlessly charming and polite Mark Pickerel was featured on's exclusive podcast. To check out the interview go here. names Jon a True Original!

Yeah, we've known it for a very long time over here at BSHQ, but the good folks over at Rhapsody have given Mr. Langford the credit he truly deserves and named him an "original" with an overview of some of the highlights of his career to date.

Go here to take a look at the Rhapsody Original page for Jon Langford, and take a look here for an exclusive interview with Jon! There are also exclusive videos of Jon performing live on the site here.



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