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In anticipation of Exene's West Coast Free In Store Tour, Orange Coast Magazine published THIS extensive profile and interview.  Exene talks about her move back to SoCal, the punk days and her creative process.

We like nice in depth stuff like this...

Graham Parker talks songwriting in Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly corners GP about his new record, "the year's most creative concept album by far," his hedonism, what he watches on the TV and a lengthy insight into how he writes (the age old Stones or Beatles, Pepsi or Coke, Ginger or Mary Ann, lyrics or music question...)

Check it out HERE


Bloodshot Rob & Nan and the Blacks on the Interview Show

A few weeks ago, Nan and Rob appeared on Chicago's own talk show The Interview Show in front of, as they say in the TV biz, a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE (or, in this case, The Hideout).

Now it's been edited and posted on the Huffington Post.  Have a gander at Nan's silver space lady boots and purple hair.  Marvel at the oddly placed microphone that hides most of Rob's face, but not his dry wit.  Listen as they talk of the cruel vicissitudes of the music racket and check out the Blacks performance

See it HERE.

Chicago Tribune's Greg Kot on the Blacks' reunion show and new release

Top shelf Chicago music scribe Greg Kot gives the low down on the Blacks' improbable reunion in the Chicago Tribune, as well as a review of their new digital only release In Sickness and Health

A snippet:

"In true Chicago fashion, Danny Black doesn’t sugarcoat things. When asked whether he thought his band the Blacks would ever get back together after breaking up acrimoniously 10 years ago, he says, 'No way. I would say no [frigging] way. When it’s going well with this band, it’s pretty incredible. But when it’s bad, it’s really bad. There was no way I thought it could happen.'”

Read the whole piece HERE.

Nifty interview with Jane Baxter Miller

Local blog the Beachwood Reporter sat down with our local gal Jane Baxter Miller to talk about her recent CD "Harm Among the Willows." She talks about what brought her to Chicago from her native Kentucky, some local cheap food hotspots she likes and why you must never, EVER touch the water in the Chicago River.

Read it HERE.

Wild Scott H. Biram Interview in LA


Something about the antics and musical attack of Herr Biram inspires some good writing and provides some far out interview material.

Check out this interview in the LA Record as Scott talks about how much metal he's got in his body from all his accidents, locking himself in a Port-a-Potty while on mushrooms, and taking acting classes and figgering out how not to freak out around people.  It's a great read.

From the intro: "Scott H. Biram is an American hollerer with a bunch of room to himself between David Allan Coe and Jack Oblivian. He likes Black Flag but sometimes he gets weird and reedy like Dock Boggs, and he decides here that he is probably not going to take shrooms again for a little bit."

Read it all HERE


Some Excellent and Informative Exene Cervenka Interviews and Press

Given the overwhelming volume of crapola out there on the intertubes, it's nice when writers take some time to craft their pieces rather than just posting snarky, ill-informed diary entries and calling it "journalism."  In our efforts to encourage such behavior, we'll point them out when we can.

We got a couple nice ones in this week about Exene Cervenka, as she is on tour with the Dex Romweber Duo (and boy, as a long time fan of both, this tickles my music-geek sweetspots).  So, sit back and enjoy!

From Creative Loafing in Atlanta: "Unless you're a dictator and you're going to play all of the instruments yourself, it's best to let people come up with some surprising things that you wouldn't normally think of."   Read it all HERE.

From the Houston Press in, well, Houston, comes THIS interview where she talks about TX punk legends the Big Boys, the death of Amy Farris, and the origins of her album Somewhere Gone.


Justin Earle Interview in Twangville

Check out this nice long chat with our boy Justin.  He talks about touring with Old Crow, Lucero and even compares Detroit to Braveheart. Bloodshot Rob will get him for that.

Bottle Rockets on SIRIUS Outlaw Country

The Bottle Rockets session at SIRIUS Satellite Radio will be airing tomorrow (11/3) at 9 pm ET and Thursday (11/5) at 11 pm ET on Channel #63 – Outlaw Country.

Take a listen.  Mark (the drummer) called us and told us it was one of the best interviews they've ever done.

Lengthy Bottle Rockets Interview in UK mag

A nice long interview in Americana UK with the Rockets' Brian HennemanHere he talks about life on the road, staying around for 15 years and why can't they just be called a ROCK band, dammit?



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