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Geo-Political Turmoil and YOU, the Music Fan

One of the reasons we like what we do is that it allows us to shield ourselves from the workaday realities of geo-political strife.  We live in a happy, simple world.

However, every now and again, the connections between a nutjob despot (looking like Fred Armisen's kooky old uncle after a weeklong bender) and the world of hard working musicians scrapping to make a living collide.

Read THIS prescient interview with Jeremy from Whitey Morgan & the 78s about the effect of oil prices on the music scene.  Just some food (or gas) for thought next time you head out to (or decide to skip) a show.  It's got some simple math in it, but don't let your mind drift too much.  You can handle it.

Life on the road for these folks ain't ever easy and sometimes distant, powermad loonies make it even harder.


Dex Romweber Duo talks to, and busks for, The Village Voice

The folks at The Village Voice catch up with brother-sister duo Dex and Sara Romweber to ask some goofy questions ("What's one thing you've never done?" Dex: "Gone spear fishing off the coast of Key Largo." Hey, Dex, there's still time!) and then film them doing some stripped down versions of songs of their latest album, Ruins of Berlin, in an alley behind a theatre. Check out the video here. And then check out Dex and Sara on tour now.

Andre Williams chats with Camp Bacon!

Dre Bacon

Nommmmm, bacon. The salty, smokey cured strips of swine has gained somewhat of hipster devotion amongst foodies. Even our own radio guy, Joe Swank, has a pro-pork proclamation hanging above his desk ("Praise the Lard," it says). So it comes as no surprise that one of the States' most famous delis, Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, hosts a weekend party that bows before bacon. And who else to invite to perform at Camp Bacon but no other than the man who penned the R&B hit "Bacon Fat," Mr Rhythm himself, Andre Williams? The organizers of Camp Bacon recently rang up Andre to chat a bit—you can read the interview here. And if you're in the Ann Arbor area next weekend, be sure to check out 'Dre's performance on June 18.

Exene Cervenka talks about her musician's life

Recently, Exene Cervenka stopped by the Philly studios of the venerable radio station WXPN to record an interview for its ongoing series, A Musician's Life. Exene talks to host Tracey Tanenbaum about moving to California, her MS, and talking about punk rock with Dick Clark.

Listen to it in our Giveaways section here.

Exene Cervenka Interviews

The thing with some artists is that they haven't been around long enough to have interesting stories.  Not so with Exene.  She's a living part of music history and when she gets rolling on some stories, they are a hoot to read.

Here's a couple good 'uns that have come our way recently.  Culturebelly talks with her about art and the creation thereof, and then a video interview (with performance footage and X music) on Shockhound.  Good stuff.  G'head, you might learn sumthin'.

Bloodshot Digest July 24th, 2009

In keeping with the energy level of a muggy July Friday, and running on two hours sleep (it's not easy being crazy, you know...), I'm keepin' this digest short and sweet.

  • Interview with Bloodshot Nan and Rob on Indiepit.  Wherein they talk of their founding, their 15 years in the biz and where the world of artistic expression might be headed.  Replete with mp3's and photos of the 2009 releases.  Check it out here.
  • There's a cool new documentary about the Detroit garage rock scene, featuring the Detroit Cobras, Gore Gore Girls, the Gories and the White Stripes.  It's called "It Came From Detroit" and is making the rounds in LA on the festival circuit.  Check out the trailer here.
  • The lineups for our Boston and Philly Beer-B-Qs have been set and tickets are now available. Check out details here.  We'll also have some announcements regarding the Chicago party on Monday.  Stay tuned!
  • Rob's Recommendation of the week: Michigan blueberries.  God's perfect food.

Now, time for a 3 day nap.

Ben Weaver gives great UK interview

Check out this great, in-depth interview with Ben as he gears up for his January UK tour.

Read it at Fresh Deer Meat here

WNYC's Soundcheck Interviews Jonathan Lethem and Walter Salas-Humara

WNYC's Soundcheck spoke with Jonathan Lethem and Walter Salas-Humara about I'm Not Jim, and discussed how they fused their creative approaches. Take a listen to the interview here.

Jonathan Lethem and Walter Salas-Humara talk I'm Not Jim on YouTube

Check out an exclusive Youtube interview with The Silos' Walter Salas-Humara and Fortress of Solitude author Jonathan Lethem as they speak about their new Bloodshot project, I'm Not Jim. The experimental rock and spoken word album is the first collaboration for the pair, as they are joined by production dynamos The Elegant Too.



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