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Ha Ha Tonka

Ha Ha Tonka Playing Playboy Mag's "Rock The Rabbit" concert series

Ha Ha Tonka are playing in NYC on August 25th at the Highline Ballroom as part of Playboy Magazine's "Rock the Rabbit" concert series.

Tix are only $12.  Also on hard are Bear Hands, DJs, "custom Playboy energy drink cocktails" and Playmates.  Real live Playmates!   We may have to have bass player Luke Long tethered to the stage.  This event sounds like it may teeter in the regions between the sublime the ridiculous and the fantastic.

Ha Ha Tonka Blogging from the Studio

Ever wonder what goes on in the studio?  Ever wonder how music is created?  The process?  The arguments?  The appearance of Yoko Ono grinding things to a halt?  How to feed the USC marching band when they show up to record their parts? Who separates the green M&Ms from the red M&Ms in the break room?

Then we've got the blog for you.  Join Ha Ha Tonka as they churn through the process of making their next record.  They are feverishly blogging HERE to keep you in the loop.

Ha Ha Tonka's Brian on songwriting

Flying in the face of the stereotype of the dumb musician is Ha Ha Tonka's Brian Roberts.  We don't think he's ever used the word "dude" or walked onto stage without his guitar.

No Spinal Tap-ish clown is he!  No way, or as he would say "Nien!"

Read about his fluency in German, love of fellow Missourian Mark Twain and what he does when he's got writer's block, revisions, cadence and all sorts of other writerly matters on the blog Writers on Process.

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of 'Novel Sounds!'

HHTTo celebrate the one-year anniversary of Ha Ha Tonka's lauded sophomore album, Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South (really—just take a look at all the nice things people have said about the album), we're putting the CD and LP on sale! Already have a copy? Buy one for your dad for Father's Day! Or for your bestie for Xmas in July! But that's not all, if you buy the CD or LP from our site between now and Friday, June 18 at 5p, you'll also receive an MP3 of "12-inch, 3-speed Oscillating Fan" from the out-of-print 7''. Wait, but there's more! Everyone who purchases the CD or LP is also entered to win an autographed copy of the OOP 7''!

Ha Ha Tonka sings ... in the shower!

During their two-night stand in Chicago last month, Ha Ha Tonka filmed an acoustic version of "Pendergast Machine" from their album, Novel Sounds of The Nouveau South. Well, rather than hit the stage, the guys decided to hit the showers—the showers at Reggie's Rock Club, to be exact.

Watch it now!

Record Store Day Round Up

Last Saturday was Record Store Day, and by all accounts it was a rousing success all across the country.  Perhaps folks are coming to a greater realization that shopping for records is WAY more fun than downloading a bunch of ones and zeroes onto their hard drives in the bubble of their bedroom or office.

Several Bloodshot folks participated with in-store performances.  Here  are some field reports from the bands, fans and store owners.


Read full piece

Ha Ha Tonka's 5 Rules to a Successful SXSW

4 days, a billion bands, 4700 opportunities for free drinks.  How does a band do it?

Check out Ha Ha Tonka's video on of how to cope in belly of the beast that is South by Southwest in Austin TX!  See it HERE!

Ha Ha Tonka on Fearless Radio!

Taking a break from their busy tour schedule (the boys will be on the road from now til into the summer), Ha Ha Tonka stopped by Chicago's online radio station, Fearless Radio, for an hour-long chat that included a couple of live songs and lots of obscure Presidential trivia. Listen to the podcast here.

Stephenie Meyer talks Ha Ha Tonka

It's no secret that there are a couple of Twi-hards in the office (even Rob knows enough about the movie to make fun of it), so we nearly lost our shit when we were sent this video of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer namechecking Ha Ha Tonka at the red carpet premiere of "New Moon." Say what you will about the series, but you have to give Ms. Meyer props for supporting young bands -- each of the Twilight series books includes a playlist of the music that inspired her while writing. Thanks, Steph!

Bloodshot Digest: 10-27-09

The "I am Chuck Bass" Edition

  • Big news, Upper East Siders! In this week's episode of Gossip Girl, you can hear "One Night Stand" from The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir's new album, ... and the horse you rode in on! Listen about 3 minutes into the ep, when Nate brings over to Dan's Brooklyn loft a movie starring his new girlfriend Olivia and ... oh ... Anyway, SYGC lives in Gossip Girl infamy here.
  • Speaking of the Old 97s, you can now PRE-ORDER our upcoming reissue of Wreck Your Life -- a double-LP featuring WRL as well as all the Bloodshot 7''s the first time on vinyl! This is a VERY limited-edition run -- Pre-order it now, before it's gone!



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