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Ha Ha Tonka

It's a Ha Ha Tonka / Jon Langford Double Header!

Coupla baseball related items for you:

1. The boys of Ha Ha Tonka stopped by to tape this three-part interview -- listen as they talk about the Reds vs the Royals, how Brett and Brian share baseball player names and more: Part One / Part Two / Part Three

2. Jon Langford's music from Skull Orchard Revisited is featured on this Baseball Prospectus Podcast - Listen now!

Ha Ha Tonka nabs NPR's "Song of the Day"

Download the single "Usual Suspects" HERE on NPR's blog "Song of The Day"

They seem to like it:

"In "Usual Suspects," the opening track from Death of a Decade, the Missouri band Ha Ha Tonka busts out of the gates like classic Replacements on an Ozark bender. Premised on a killer riff, a great beat and singer Brian Roberts' throaty roar, Ha Ha Tonka may have created the catchiest mandolin-driven rock song since "Losing My Religion."

"Usual Suspects" reflects the hothouse passions that run deep and familiar to anyone who has ever lived in the close quarters of a small community. Roberts narrates the fraught and indignant emotions of a would-be paramour, faced with competition for his affections from friends and rivals alike: "In this little town, oh, she's such a scandal / Nobody gonna get a handle on her / If you lay it down, oh, it ain't a gamble / It's the surest thing going on around here." Desire, revulsion and obsessive longing — it's love, American style, courtesy of a terrific Missouri band with deep musical roots in its regional traditions."

Ha Ha on Huff Po

That's short for Ha Ha Tonka on the Huffington Post.  It's just in this era of Twitter, we can no longer be bothered with full words. KWIM?*

Anyway, here's a lengthy and interesting feature in the Huffington Post on the boys on this, the release day of their latest album.

Find out their appearance on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Brian's shabby baseball trivia skills and their songwriting processes and thematic influences.  There's also many tales of WILD times on the road featuring an alter ego "Cheesy B."  Look out Motley Crue.

*="Know What I Mean?

20 Questions with Ha Ha Tonka

PopMatters famous 20 Questions feature turns its sights on Ha Ha Tonka's drummer Lennon Bone.

Find out about his love of Steve Reich, YouTube, his gift for hand farting, his heroes and why he will never NEVER go see Marley and Me.

Read it HERE.


Music Fog Video from SXSW

We're pretty sure that if you Google any band at SXSW this year for some video, you'll get directed to 1,001 pages of crappy images shot on cell phones by reeling drunk people.  Bad images, worse sound.  Ain't the internet grand?

HOWEVER, the good folks at the site Music Fog had some of our bands over to their shindig at the legendary food and music mecca Threadgill's and producde some QUALITY audio and video.

Check out full performances by EDDIE SPAGHETTI and HA HA TONKA.

Support well-crafted content on the interweb....


Ha Ha Tonka preview on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations

Guns and food!

Food and guns!

oh, and music.

Our Ozark heartthrobs Ha Ha Tonka get grillin' with Anthony Bourdain on an upcoming episode of No ReservationsHERE'S a clip to get yer mouths watering.

And, if you're something of an HHT fanatic (and who wouldn't be...?) HERE'S some sweet behind the scenes pics

Miss the original airing?

Fear not, here are some dates when the episode is airing again

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Ozarks TRAVEL Channel Sun, Apr 3 8:00am CST
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Ozarks TRAVEL Channel Mon, Apr 4 7:00pm CST
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Ozarks TRAVEL Channel Tue, Apr 5 2:00am CST

Bloodshot bands take over TV!

Keeping up with the Kardashians? Psssshhhffft. The hottest thing in TV these days are Bloodshot bands! Just check out some of what's turning up Bloodshot on the boob tube:

In the December 27 episode of the History Channel show, "American Pickers," Antique Archaeology's office manager Danielle is seen wearing a Whitey Morgan and The 78s t-shirt!

Danielle on American Pickers

And how cool is this? Anthony Bourdain went down to the Ozarks to film an episode of his show, "No Reservations," and Ha Ha Tonka was a featured guest! The boys cooked with and played for Tony on this episode, which is due to air in March 2011. We'll, of course, remind you to set yr DVRs. :)

HHT on Bourdain

And finally, we just got word that Justin Townes Earle will be the musical guest on Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, January 5! Check back here for the clip (if available)!

All Kinds of Content For You Today!

Videos! Interviews!  Rather than post separately, here are the nifty bits 'o' media oddness that crossed our virtual desks today (well, maybe not TODAY, but I'm finally getting around to them.)

--HA HA TONKA:  Most people assume that life on the road is one of glamour and comfort.  Well, HHT shows just how TRUE THIS IS with THIS hilarious (yet sadly accurate) little video on Digital Tour Bus about their trusty (well, not so trusty, but that's another story) van.  SWOON ALERT: Luke Long is shirtless throughout the video.  See how REAL musicians travel...

--JON LANGFORD: While Jon girds himself of his upcoming EAST COAST tour, we thought we'd wet your musical whistle with THIS video posted on Time Out Chicago of him and band performing acoustic "Getting Used To Uselessness" from his latest fab slab Old Devils

--SCOTT H BIRAM: Someone thought it would be smart to put SHB on TV in Austin.  Check THIS out, man.  Scott's covering Don Walser, yodels his ass off in a Black Flag T and camo trucker cap after being intro'd by the squeaky clean super square TV host.

--BEN WEAVER: A fantastic feature on Aquarium Drunkard. It's called Diversions and covers artists waxing about subjects other than performing.  Ben talks about meeting the great southern author Larry Brown

--WHITEY MORGAN: Our Flint outlaw country dudes did a podcast with Taproot Radio.  Listen in HERE

WHEW!  That oughtta keep you all occupied for AT LEAST an hour at "work"


Ha Ha Tonka Sold Out 7" now available digitally

Last year we pressed up 500 copies of the crowd-pleasing rave up "12 Inch 3 Speed Oscillating Fan"

As expected, they quickly sold out.

But now, in conjunction with their fall tour with Rocky Votolato, we've made this barn-burner digitally available exclusively on

Now you can spare yourself the embarrassment of not knowing the words when the whole crowd is singing along at the end.  Grab it HERE


A few weeks ago, we told you that, for some reason, Ha Ha Tonka was going to play a festival in NYC sponsored by Playboy.

Well, it happened.  Check out THIS video of them singing Hangman.

Now, the levels of weirdness and hilarity watching this are many.  First off, nothing says "SEXY" like a traditional song about hanging.  Also, do they train the bunnies to stand like that?  Check out the way they clap at the end of the song...again, is that from a training session?

Finally, while Lennon at least TRIES to be the gentleman by pretending not to look, Luke does a full on stare down.

Enjoy!  Happy Labor Day!



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