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Graham Parker

Graham Parker DVD/Bonus CD in the house

Graham Parker ignites the stage with mighty backup from The Figgs in this rip-roaring show celebrating the release of his 20th album. Join an enthusiastic audience as Parker and company tear through 21 songs including “Life Gets Better,” “Mercury Poisoning,” and “My Love’s Strong,” all in spectacular 5.1 audio!

Two-Disc PACKAGE INCLUDES THE DVD as well as CD of the show!!

In addition to the full concert, you also get a fascinating career-spanning interview with Parker about his life and music, unavailable anywhere else! Featuring all of Graham Parker’s trademark musical virtuosity, unforgettable hooks, and dazzling wit, this essential performance captured on April 23, 2010, in Fairfield, Connecticut at FTC’s StageOne is a major music event you can’t afford to miss!

Full Color; 100 minutes of rock and roll fun.

Released by Image Entertainment

BS Announces the Brooklyn Fall Festival of Fun

C'mon out to Brooklyn's Bell House on November 7th for a grand day.  Carrying on the tradition of Bloodshot CMJ and SXSW parties...but now for serious local music fans.  Come early, eat, drink, and enjoy some great music.

Featuring Bottle Rockets, Graham Parker, Brooklyn's own Cordero, The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Lydia Loveless.  Doors at 5:30  Show at 6:30

Tickets only $10!!  Available Now!   Food provided by the Good Fork of Red Hook.

**This marks the return of the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, whose appearance at last year's Bloodshot 15th anniversary BBQ in Brooklyn was cancelled due to their horrific van accident

**Seeing Rock and Roll legend Graham Parker is worth the price of admission ALONE

**Catch newcomer Lydia Loveless

PERMANENT RECORDS in Greenpoint is having an ENTER-TO-WIN contest for a pair of tickets.  Check 'em out


Graham Parker Documentary in the Works

Don't Ask Me Questions, a documentary about our own in-house rock and roll legend Graham Parker, is nearing completion.

BUT (isn't there always a but...?), in this internet era of everyone wantin' everything for free, the producers are a little cash-strapped so they've set up a tip bucket kinda thing to finish it off.  So, if you've ever dreamed of being a big shot Hollywood producer with johdpurs and a bullhorn, now's your chance to take part.

Find out how, AND catch a trailer of the film HERE

Thursday's Miscellania: 2 Good, 1 Scary

Usually, when we get bits and pieces of news or interesting tidbits, we try and weave them together and present them to you as a thematic whole.  After much mulling, we could find no way to do that, so we thought the very LACK of a theme would be the theme.  Thus, three totally unrelated bits of news for your time-wasting pleasure as we slink towards the three day weekend:

--ASCAP posted a great little "Audio Portrait" of Graham Parker. He talks about the songwriting process, what he looks for in a perfect pop song, how he balances the dark with the cheery, PLUS you get to hear segments of several of his new songs from his lastest album Imaginary Television.  Have a listen HERE

--When Devil in a Woodpile broke up, we were (and remain) very sad.  However, washboardist/harpist Rick Sherry's new band Sanctified Grumblers have picked up the slack some.  In addition to reviving the Tuesday night gigs at the Hideout, HERE's a video of their song "Stump Grinder"---it'll put some lead in your pencil.  We'll see you Tuesdays...

--Finally, we've been running this madhouse known as Bloodshot for 15 years now, working longs hours for low pay faced with the constant vicissitudes that beset small independents like us.  So, you'll have to excuse us if we get a little miffed when interlopers and dilettantes muscle in on our territory.   When we got the news that ELLEN FRICKING DEGENERES has started her own label, well, part of us wanted to rail against the heavens at all the easy publicity she's getting and part of us wanted to go all Virginia Woolfe and put rocks in our pockets and wade into Lake Michigan.  Maybe then we could get the wider world to pay attention.

Enjoy your long weekend and remember: only YOU can prevent such madness...

Free Graham Parker MP3!

When you purchase tickets to GP's April 16 show at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ, Ticketweb will send you an MP3 for the song "1st Responder," off Graham's lastest release, Imaginary Television.

Winners of the autographed Graham Parker Posters

For pre-ordering the new GP record, we offered a free poster.  We also entered the orders into a random drawing to win one of ten that were autographed.

And to give them a llittle public gratitude, here are those lucky GP fans:

David Martin        Chicago   IL
Bob Fish              Evanston  IL
Donald Manderfeld     Eden Prairie  MN
Bryan McGough         Madison  AL
Torrance Gates        York   PA
Mary Kelly      Albany NY
Kevin McKeever     Stamford  CT
Rich Shapiro             Weston  CT
Andrew Finkelstein    North Adams  MA
Jeffery Newman  Los Angeles

Thanks to them and to all of you who have made this the most popular GP recording out of the box in many, many years.


Graham Parker talks songwriting in Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly corners GP about his new record, "the year's most creative concept album by far," his hedonism, what he watches on the TV and a lengthy insight into how he writes (the age old Stones or Beatles, Pepsi or Coke, Ginger or Mary Ann, lyrics or music question...)

Check it out HERE




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