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GP and the Rumour to Reunite for Judd Apatow film!

No matter how great Graham Paker's solo work is, people always refer back to the explosive work he did with his band the Rumour.

Well, friends, pigs are flying and hell hath frozen over.  They have reunited for, of all things, an upcoming Judd Apatow film.  Yes, you read that right.  Get the full skinny HERE.

Read a lengthy interview with original Rumour drummer Steve Goulding, who also plays in the Mekons and Waco Brothers. He talks about the glamorous life on the set, playing with the Cure, Thompson Twins and the upcoming Mekons tour and documentary.

Exene Cervenka + Kevin Costner = WTF????

Yeah, sometimes we find out things about our artists that make our tiny little monkey brains spin.  This would be one of them.  Exene Cervenka and Kevin Costner made a movie together way back when, with Dave Alvin and John Doe and a load of others.  Note the fundraising for Gulf Coast charities.

The Degree of Separation betwixt Bloodshot and Kevin Costner has shrunk to 1! Will a Nicolas Cage/Sally Timms duet album from 1986 be unearthed soon too?

From the Huffington Post: "Before he danced with wolves, Academy Award winning actor/director Kevin Costner made a never-before-seen movie  that's being released today after nearly 25 years in a vault: Bad Day, directed by the award-winning rock video director, Modi Frank, and photographed by punk rock queen, singer, poet and visual artist, Exene Cervenka, co-founder of the seminal band X. The duo are releasing the cowboy-themed short as a digital downloaded for a "you decide" amount. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Gulf charities providing aid to both people and the environment."

Have a peek at the trailer HERE


Graham Parker Documentary in the Works

Don't Ask Me Questions, a documentary about our own in-house rock and roll legend Graham Parker, is nearing completion.

BUT (isn't there always a but...?), in this internet era of everyone wantin' everything for free, the producers are a little cash-strapped so they've set up a tip bucket kinda thing to finish it off.  So, if you've ever dreamed of being a big shot Hollywood producer with johdpurs and a bullhorn, now's your chance to take part.

Find out how, AND catch a trailer of the film HERE

Andre Williams Documentary Now Available ONLINE!

Miss the harrowing and entertaining documentary on Andre Williams "Agile Mobile Hostile: A Year With Andre Williams" when it played the festival circuit last year?

No worries, as now you can stream it from the comfort of your own home for free HERE.

It's worth yer time.  What a ride.....

Bloodshot Digest July 24th, 2009

In keeping with the energy level of a muggy July Friday, and running on two hours sleep (it's not easy being crazy, you know...), I'm keepin' this digest short and sweet.

  • Interview with Bloodshot Nan and Rob on Indiepit.  Wherein they talk of their founding, their 15 years in the biz and where the world of artistic expression might be headed.  Replete with mp3's and photos of the 2009 releases.  Check it out here.
  • There's a cool new documentary about the Detroit garage rock scene, featuring the Detroit Cobras, Gore Gore Girls, the Gories and the White Stripes.  It's called "It Came From Detroit" and is making the rounds in LA on the festival circuit.  Check out the trailer here.
  • The lineups for our Boston and Philly Beer-B-Qs have been set and tickets are now available. Check out details here.  We'll also have some announcements regarding the Chicago party on Monday.  Stay tuned!
  • Rob's Recommendation of the week: Michigan blueberries.  God's perfect food.

Now, time for a 3 day nap.

Yayhoos Song in Horror Flick "Slither"

The Yayhoos' song "Baby I Love You" from Fear Not The Obvious can be heard during the credits of the creepy horror flick Slither.

Trailer for the Andre Williams Documentary

Go here to see a trailer for the documentary "Agile, Mobile, Hostile: A Year in the Life of Andre Williams" that debuted at the SXSW 2008 Film Festival

This film followed Andre around the world, the ups and downs, and a lot of footage of the recording of Can You Deal  With It? Fascinating,  hilarious, scary and sad.  All Andre.

We will keep you posted on theatrical showings of the film.

Wayne Hancock Narrates Adolph Hofner Documentary!

Wayne Hancock has narrated a 18 minute documentary on the great western swing bandleader Adolph Hofner that is available up at! Learn about his blending the sounds of Texas and Bohemia and an insight into Texas Dance Hall cullture. To watch the documentary take a look here!

Jack White namechecks Dex bigtime in new Documentary

A documentary called It Might Get Loud premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September. It chronicles the artistic process and influences of guitar superstars Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White, and includes White’s citing of Dex as a “huge influence”, and includes live and recorded tracks from his earlier band, Flat Duo Jets.

Dex rubs shoulders with some IMPORTANT Hollywood Stars in his Acting Debut.

Dex's first acting role is in the upcoming film Lake City, to be released on November 21st in NY, 28th in LA and nationwide later. It stars Sissy Spacek, Rebecca Romjin, Drea de Matteo and Keith Carridine.

Dex plays Frank, the guitarist in Keith Carradine’s band, and he is joined in that combo by Dave Matthews. In the film, Rebecca Romijn plays a small-town cop romantically involved with Troy Garity's character, who reunites with his estranged mother (Sissy Spacek) when deadly circumstances threaten their home. Directed by Perry Moore, known for his work on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the With and the Wardrobe, the film debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, 2008. When asked about his experience, Dex explained, “It was very different being in a movie, then playing music, but the waiting around to perform was the same."


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