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Exene Cervenka

Record Store Day Round Up

Last Saturday was Record Store Day, and by all accounts it was a rousing success all across the country.  Perhaps folks are coming to a greater realization that shopping for records is WAY more fun than downloading a bunch of ones and zeroes onto their hard drives in the bubble of their bedroom or office.

Several Bloodshot folks participated with in-store performances.  Here  are some field reports from the bands, fans and store owners.


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We never like to bore you with the ins and outs of this weird little business.  Suffice to say that sometimes we run out of a title and call it out of print.   Then, years later, a distributor (usually some European partner cleaning out their warehouse after they go out of business or something) and they send back things to us we thought we'd never see again.

So it was this week.

ACT FAST, we now have a very limited number of three titles, two of which have been out of print for YEARS, and one LP that disappeared off the shelves in short order after its release last year:


JON RAUHOUSE  Steel Guitar Air Show CD

GRIEVOUS ANGELS Angels and Inbreds CD-EP (man, this one's been unavailable since the Clinton Administration....)


In anticipation of Exene's West Coast Free In Store Tour, Orange Coast Magazine published THIS extensive profile and interview.  Exene talks about her move back to SoCal, the punk days and her creative process.

We like nice in depth stuff like this...


The legendary (and totally sweet, by the way) Exene Cervenka has confirmed a tour of the West Coast consisting entirely of FREE performances at record stores starting in April!

Why a tour of record stores and not clubs? Exene 'splains.....

"The reason I am touring independent record stores from San Diego to Seattle this April is that I want to play for free, to people of all ages, at a reasonable hour, in a place we love to be. I'm touring at my own expense, because I don't want the economy to stand between my music and people that might want to hear it. Yes, I hope I sell some aprons and a few cds, but bring your X records, the kids, shop independent, and let's have a party!" xo, exene

So, really, you have NO excuse not to come out and see an amazing performer, support your local store and mix and mingle with other folks of outstanding taste and quality.

Bummed that  your city and fave store isn't on this list?  Well, then, tell all your friends, family and total strangers you know on the coast to show up and make this a resounding success and she'll do more and possibly come your way!

Check out the dates HERE.



Some Excellent and Informative Exene Cervenka Interviews and Press

Given the overwhelming volume of crapola out there on the intertubes, it's nice when writers take some time to craft their pieces rather than just posting snarky, ill-informed diary entries and calling it "journalism."  In our efforts to encourage such behavior, we'll point them out when we can.

We got a couple nice ones in this week about Exene Cervenka, as she is on tour with the Dex Romweber Duo (and boy, as a long time fan of both, this tickles my music-geek sweetspots).  So, sit back and enjoy!

From Creative Loafing in Atlanta: "Unless you're a dictator and you're going to play all of the instruments yourself, it's best to let people come up with some surprising things that you wouldn't normally think of."   Read it all HERE.

From the Houston Press in, well, Houston, comes THIS interview where she talks about TX punk legends the Big Boys, the death of Amy Farris, and the origins of her album Somewhere Gone.


Exene Cervenka Interviews

The thing with some artists is that they haven't been around long enough to have interesting stories.  Not so with Exene.  She's a living part of music history and when she gets rolling on some stories, they are a hoot to read.

Here's a couple good 'uns that have come our way recently.  Culturebelly talks with her about art and the creation thereof, and then a video interview (with performance footage and X music) on Shockhound.  Good stuff.  G'head, you might learn sumthin'.

Exene to play memorial to Amy Farris

Exene will perform at a memorial for Amy Farris at the Continental Club in Austin on October 21st.  For details go here.

Also appearing will be Dave Alvin, Jon Dee Graham, Kelly Willis and others.

Amy's contributions to Exene's new album were invaluable and she will be deeply missed in all the communities she touched.

Bloodshot Digest: 10-13-09

The But The Weatherman Promised Me Snow edition:

  • After swearing at me about how STUPID Twitter is, Scott H Biram went and joined it. You can follow him @ScottHBiram. In 140 characters or less, Biram's been regaling us with tales from his current US tour—check out the dates and see if he'll be headed your way.
  • Perfect Sound Forever has an interview with Exene, where she talks about moving back to LA, where the punk scene is now, and how she almost changed her last name -- You can read it here.
  • The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir is continuing to recover from its van accident last month, but good news is coming in: Mark is out of ICU; Gibson is replacing the guitar Mary lost in the wreck; and WOXY / will be featuring SYGC as their band of the week on Thursday!
  • In more SYGC news, both Subterranean and The Hideout in Chicago have generously donated nights for benefit shows -- Halloween eve at Sub-T will feature BBU, Canasta, New Duncan Imperials, Kevin Flynn and the Avondale Ramblers, along w/ appearances from members of SYGC. Meanwhile, the Hideout announced a benefit on November 12 featuring The 1900s and Brighton, MA. You can read more about these shows here.


Bloodshot Digest September 18th, 2009

As we gird ourselves for the brisket and margaritas that await us in Austin for our Yard Dog anniversary tomorrow (hey, someone's gotta do it), here's a few tidbits to knosh on that may brighten your day.  Or not.  Who knows?

  • Check out this story on a Detroit filmmaker using a 3D process and capturing some of the city's finest music, including our own Detroit Cobras!
  • In anticipation of her new solo album (goes on pre-sale this Tuesday) Exene Cervenka gives a lengthy interview on art, music, poetry and what a good dancer Eddie Vedder is in the LA Record.
  • In addition to be a crack bookkeeper and legal eagle, our own office guy Anthony is a fab photographer.  Check out his flickr page with all the action at the Hideout block party. Pay no attention to the photo of Bloodshot Rob lying in the street at the end.  He's tired.  Sssssh.  Don't wake him.
  • Finally, speaking of Rob, read his latest essay at  It's all about how disposable music has become.  Insightful philosophical musing or the rantings of a crank?  YOU be the judge!

Bloodshot Digest: 7-22-09

Bloodshot Digest: The "Short and Sweet" Edition

Ben Weaver Art• My Old Kentucky Blog gives Charlie Pickett some love calling Bar Band Americanus one of "4 You Mighta Missed" -- hey, better late than never! You can read MOKB's review here. The cool blog Lost Forest After Dark also discussed Charlie's ouevre recently, and some of the commenters share early Charlie/Eggs memories and stories ...

• Ha Ha Tonka recorded a live session with Palestra, and they just posted three videos from the session for yr lunch break entertainment: "Hold My Feet To The Fire," "Walking on the Devils Backbone" and "So Quiet, They're Loud".

SCOTT RECOMMENDS: In light of the the forthcoming celebratory events and contingent art shows, we thought it’d be timely to spotlight the fact that some in the Bloodshot family are purveyors and creators of more than merely timeless music: some create fine art as well. We invite you to visit them on-line, to revel in their visual musings, and to appreciate the breadth of their creativity and vision. If you've already completed collecting these artists' discography, consider supporting them with purchasing art!



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