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15th anniversary

Bloodshot Anniversary/Holiday Show Announced!

That's Right!  More anniversary tomfoolery, but this time for a good cause!

December 19th at the Double Door in Chicago we're throwing another affordable bash and 100% of the door goes to the recovery funds of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir** and Lawrence Peters*

Playing will be The Detroit Cobras, Dex Romweber Duo, The Blacks and the Lawrence Peters Outfit.

There will be a canned food drive (bring a couple of cans and get something nice) and you can do all that last minute Christmas shopping at our booth of wares.

Join us for some holiday cheer and some fine rock and roll.

** Read about Scotland Yard's horrible van accident here

* Who is Lawrence Peters? Lawrence is probably best known for singing The Old Black Hen on the first Magnolia Electric Company album. He also sings, and/or plays drums, or washboard, with The Golden Horse Ranch Band, Plastic Crimewave Sound, The Velcro Lewis Group, Mar Caribe, Eiren Caffall, Hardscrabble and more. Perhaps you know him as a bartender at the Hideout, or with his singing on a Bloodshot comp with Nora O'Connor and  he DJs all over.  He broke his foot in an accident this year and was unable to work and is spiralling into debt due to his medical bills.  It's our way of helping out of the unsung heroes of the Chicago scene that makes this city so great.

The Lawrence Peters Outfit is a dyed-in-the-wool honky tonk band, with bluegrass influences, in the tradition of Webb Pierce, Jimmy Martin, George Jones, Roger Miller, and Loretta Lynn. Lawrence sings, and plays snare drum, leading the band through his classic originals, and a choice selection of vintage material. The group gets it just right, with plenty of fire on the faster tunes, and that sweet country smolder on the moodier songs. This is for fans of the deep-rooted, heart-felt kind of country music that you don't often hear anymore.

A Quick Re-cap of the Tempe 15 Year Party!

Well, here we are, back in Chicago after a whirlwind 36 hours in the Valley of the Sun.   The forecast for us?  Cloudy, drizzle and in the low 50's all week (why did we leave again?).  It seems like only yesterday we were all parading around the hotel pool in our Speedos ordering Bloody Marys from the cabana boy.  Oh wait, it was.

Anyway, we wanted to thank all of you who came out on a perfect evening and supported the cause.  Everyone at the Sail Inn was super nice to us, and all the regulars who were sipping beers from their personal-sized pitchers all day helped moved stuff around and pitch in.  The BBQ from Honey Bear's was top notch, and, forgive me fellow members of the Shrine of the Holy Smoked Pig, the beans were almost soooo good as to outshine the pulled pork.  Damn, they were tasty.

We're sorry Justin couldn't make it, but when he cancels a show, you can be sure there is a damn good reason behind it.  We'll make sure he gets out there soon.

Thanks to all folks of Tempe who were giddy at such an event being held in town.  So many of you were so appreciative of it, it makes all the logistics going into it worthwhile.  We also want to tip our proverbial hats to the folks we who came from such far flung places as Oklahoma City, Reno, Santa Barbara, Albuquerque, Durango, and many other locales.  It really and truly means a lot to us.

Thanks to all the great support from local record shops for spreading the word.  You folks there are lucky to have them around.  There are a lot of places that have chosen not to support local music stores and they are the poorer for losing them.  Buy local.

Finally, we want to say how great it was to see a some of our old buddies from local heroes the Grevious Angels, one of the first bands to be stupid (or canny?) enough to record for us.  They were there BEFORE the gold-plated Hummers and platinum walking sticks.

Thanks again for coming.  We still think you are all insane for living in a desert (keep your hands off our Great Lakes), but you showed you can come together and partake in a grand party.


A Hearty Thank You for the Hideout Anniversary Party!


The 15th Anniversary party at the Hideout this past weekend exceeded all our expectations.  The weather was perfect, the sound tremendous (thanks Gary), all the bands were on time and played really well and were thrilled to do so in front of such a large, enthusiastic audience (almost 4000 of you, and, just based on advance ticket sales, there were people from at least 22 states and 3 countries), and them BBQ pork sammiches sure were tasty!

It was truly a humbling day.  We saw so many friends from over the years---going all the way back to the planning stage days at Delilah's;  regulars at our DJ night, people who have come to shows, musicians, artists and general Chicago music lovers.  Sorry we didn't have a chance to chat more, it was a crazy day but know that we so appreciate the support and your attendance that day (and all the other days).  Most everyone was pretty well behaved too, except that douchebag who jumped the barrier and broke the tent over the monitors and cost us another $200....)

Looking out over the crowd during Alejandro's brilliant set, I really began to choke up, to think that this looney idea we had so long ago has brought so much fun to so many over the years AND allowed us to work with such a high caliber of talent so closely.  And to think that you all have allowed to keep doing this.  If we weren't busting our asses that day, we'd have been down in the crowd with you;  we remain inveterate music fans.

And finally, we'd like to thank all the volunteers and Hideout staff.  without them, there is NO WAY we could have pulled off that event. 

AND (I've said this a hundred times before and I staunchly stand behind it), no city can TOUCH Chicago for its organic, home supported music scene.  Those of us who live here should never take that for granted.

The evening ended for me, 17 hours after i got there, with someone buying me a long awaited margarita.  I fell asleep with it in my hand on one of benches outside the Hideout.  Such is the glamor........

Rob, Nan and all at Bloodshot


Our pals at the super cool blog/zine Brooklyn Vegan have put together a nice preview of the Brooklyn anniversary show coming up on September 26th at the Bell House.  (Advance tix are now available.)

Check it out, it got lots of video links of performances from previous shows.

See you there.  Bring us pastrami!

Bloodshot Digest 9-15-09

The Can I Sit Down Yet? edition:

  • Well, our flagship 15th Anniversary Beer-B-Q at The Hideout has come and gone, and it was a rousing success. Nearly 4,000 people came to watch a full day's worth of music, participate in a Drunken Spelling Bee that went 24 rounds (yes, someone consumed 24 shots of vodka and lived to spell about it), eat pulled pork from Honky Tonk BBQ, send souped-up belt sanders down a race track and raise money for two organizations: 826 Chicago and Rock for Kids. It was a beautiful day. Highlights of the day have been captured by Time Out Chicago,The Chicago Tribune and Underground Bee, so you can re-live the splendor of the day when it's cold, snowy and dark three months from now. And if you've got pictures from the event, be sure to add them to our Bloodshot Flickr pool.
  • Moving onward! We have our Austin, TX Beer-B-Q at Yard Dog Gallery in Austin, TX THIS Saturday, and the Brooklyn soiree the following Saturday, on September 26. Tix are to the Brooklyn BBQ are on sale now! The Austin BBQ is free -- just show up!
  • Finally, in memory of poet, writer, NYC scenester, and punk-rocker Jim Carroll -- who died over the weekend -- we offer up this rendition of one of his most famous poem-songs, "People Who Died," as covered by Porter Hall TN and found on our 10-year anniversary compilation, For A Decade of Sin. Listen to it here.


Desperate for interviews with the Bloodshot Honchos?

OF COURSE you are!  The 15th anniversary street fair in our hometown has generated a veritable frenzy of press coverage.  So, if you want to read the rantings of the two problem children at the helm of the Good Ship Bloodshot, look no further.

  • Next, Time Out Chicago's article is full of stories and memories from Rhett Miller, Jon Langford, Alejandro Escovedo, Exene Cervenka and a salty tale involving Kelly Hogan, Rob's butt and a tube of cortisone.  Yow!
  • And we get called geeks by the Sun-Times' Jim DeRogatis (in a good way) here.
  • Even the suburbs chime in with this nice preview in the Daily Herald
  • The Beachwood Reporter chimes in with an interview with Rick Sherry (Devil in a Woodpile) and some disjointed stories from Rob including displeased bikers in California, rioting bouncers in Edinburgh, among other fond memories
  • Finally, irrespective of nothing other than the oddness of it being picked, Esquire named the Unholy Trio's version of Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise" from the compilation Down to the Promised Land as one of the best covers EVER!

Bloodshot Digest: 9-8-09

The "What Am I Gonna Eat For Lunch?" edition:

  • There's a new Grammy category this year: "Americana." While the nominees for the category won't be announced for another month, USA Today runs down the year's top contenders, and includes our very own Justin Townes Earle as "Grammy-worthy." Read all about it!
  • The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir will be having an unofficial, pre-Hideout Block Party record release bash at Reckless Records in Wicker Park (1532 N Milwaukee Ave) on Thursday, September 10 at 6pm. It's all-ages, free, and the band will have the new record on sale, so you can be the very first person on your block with your very own copy. Make your pals jealous!
  • Hey foodies! We've got the Red Hook restaurant THE GOOD FORK catering our Brooklyn BBQ on September 26 at The Bell House. There will be FREE munchies to the first 150 people, but the good folks at the Good Fork will be selling small plates throughout the day. The Good Fork has been profiled in just about every NY foodie publication, and was recently featured on "Bobby Flay's Throwdown," where co-owner Sohui totally showed Bobby who's boss with her famous pot stickers.

Bloodshot Digest August 28th, 2009

As some of us get ready to run out the door and head to Boston for our 15th Anniversary Shindig at the Middle East, here are some nifty goings on:

  • Andre Williams recently recorded a new album for us in the Motor City with Matt Smith (Outrageous Cherry, Volebeats, Nathanial Mayer) at the controls.  Sitting in with them was Motown guitar legend Dennis Coffey.  Read about Dennis and the recording in the Detroit Metro Times here.
  • Scott H. Biram played the Off Broadway in St Louis earlier in the month, and Lo-Fi STL was there to capture it on video.  Check Scott out in all his feral glory here
  • Wayne Hancock submitted himself to some vigorous questioning by our buddies at Want to know what movie makes Wayne cry?  His favorite albums?  Can he rap?  Looky here for answers.
  • The Chicago/Hideout Party is shaping up with the addition of the Drunken Spelling Bee and Belt Sander Races.  Also, we are so happy to have a reunion show by Moonshine Willy. Here's an interview with singer/guitarist Kim Docter on the Beechwood Reporter

Now, time to get some fresh scallops....

See you this week in Boston, and next week in Philly.  Where should I go for cheesesteaks and lobster rolls?


Bloodshot Rob & Nan to appear on WXRT's Eclectic Company

Join host Jon Langford on WXRT's Eclectic Company radio show for a couple hours of amusing anecdotes, new Bloodshot releases, and favorites from the record collections of the misguided lunatics who started this label.  Yes, that's right, turn your radio dial to STUN as co-founders Rob Miller and Nan Warshaw provide INVALUABLE insight on the inner workings of this beehive.  They also shamlessly promote the huge STREET FAIR at the Hideout for the label's 15th anniversary on September 12th.   Airs on September 8th, from 10 pm to midnight central time.

Tune in, it's BOUND to be better than the other choices on the dial: some old guy yelling at you about death panels, or some less older guy playing Pink Floyd album sides, or some drowsy college DJ playing obscure Belgian jazz CDs.

Bloodshot Digest August 21st, 2009

The Death Panel Edition:  We here at Bloodshot are all for the Death Panels, as long as we get to do the picking.  That only seems fair.

  • It's been a busy BUSY week in our steamy little hive as we gear up to take the 15th Anniversary caravan up Madison and Minneapolis way, a weekend of cheese curds and Replacements covers.  Look out!  JP will be tweeting and googling and gurgling and whatnot from Madison all day, so check for updates on this sold out party.  In Minneapolis, Scott will be sending up to the minute teletypes on our shiny new Faxtrola.
  • Scott H. Biram stopped by the studios of KDHX in St Louis for some interview action and played some songs.  Some enterprising young radio cuss had the good sense to film some of it.  Here's Scott playing Sinkin' Down from his recent album.
  • Zach, one of our steadfast, well-mannered and only moderately delusional interns was in Louisville last week with his band and found himself in a late night tattoo parlor (hey, these things happen), and well, let's let him tell the rest:

"There is this tattoo shop in Louisville that was awesome enough to re-open their shop at 12:00am after the show to hook up a couple of the kids on tour with me with some rad ink. We happened to be in Louisville the same exact night as Scott H. Biram, so as my friend Matt was getting all tatted up, this guy, wasted off his ass, stumbles into the shop and just starts raving about Biram and how awesome the show was. He happened to be a friend of the guy giving the tattoos, so he walks into the room where he's working, pulls out a boombox, puts the new Biram disc in, throws the stereo on the very table my friend is getting his tattoo on, and continues to drunkenly hover over the tattoo artist, blaring "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue" while the tattoo artist continues to place ink on my friend that will be there for the rest of his life!"

The mysterious powers of Scott H. Biram: heed them well, my friends.

  • Rob's Recommendation of the Week: The movie The Cove. Not an easy watch, to be sure, but riveting, sometimes funny, sometimes gory and truly heroic; a brilliantly conceived call to action.  Not cloying or hyperbolic.  The guilty hang themselves.  The villians plainly evident.   A refreshingly Michael Moore-free style of documentary.  Flipper WILL get his revenge.

We'll see you next week.

we remain,




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