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For The Kids

Is there anything more embarrassing than having your little one be the squarest tyke on the playlot? Concerned that Junior is inadvertently shilling for Global Death Corporations while they are crawling around in their Sponge Bob and Disney garb? Are you ready to stab your eardrums with a letter opener to get the sounds of Miley Cyrus and Barney that are played ad nauseum in the mini-van out of your head?

Here's a way to solve all your problems. Genuine Bloodshot Kid-friendly goodies. Not only will your offspring be the hippest thing crawling around, but you will be exposing them to some unique, creative music that YOU might even enjoy. They also send a message to other parents that you, yes YOU, have managed to keep some hipster street cred intact as you move into your "responsible" years.

Don't take the slippery slope from late nights at Waco Brothers shows to High School Musical lightly. Fight back.


Bottle Let Me Down Poster

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