Bloodshot Records Bundle Up

We don't know where you live, but here in Chicago the temperature suddenly dropped 30 degrees in the last two hours. We thought we were in the clear, but alas, the bone-chilling Midwestern air hath returned. We'll be shiverin' 'til May. 

It don't have to feel like Hoth all the time. So save your tauntaun and stock up on Bloodshot winter duds with coupon code BUNDLEUP. 

Bloodshot knit hat
Bloodshot "Skull & Bolts" crewneck sweatshirt
Bloodshot "Skinny Hank" hoodie
Bloodshot logo long sleeve t-shirt
(black or white!)
Bloodshot Koozies (keep your hands warm and your liver warmer!)

And if you're still feeling festive...Bloodshot Holiday Sweaters (they're snowflakes! Still in season!)