Download Your Audio Files

Here’s the second edition of our annual musical gift for our beloved Brewery Finance customers and allies. Unwrap and download this rocking rootsy art from the fine folks at Bloodshot, and thanks for a great and beery 2019.  

Track list:

  1. Jason Hawk Harris "Cussing at the Light"
  2. Robbie Fulks "Cocktails"
  3. Scott H. Biram & Jesse Dayton "Monkey David Wine"
  4. Lydia Loveless "Falling Out of Love with You"
  5. Vandoliers "Troublemaker"
  6. Wayne Hancock "Juke Joint Jumping"
  7. Murder By Death "I Came Around"
  8. Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers "Apocalypse Now (& Later)"
  9. Ruby Boots "I Slept Through Christmas"
  10. The Yawpers "Dancing on My Knees"
  11. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers "Fuck Up"
  12. Joel Paterson "Christmas Time Is Here"

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Note: MP3s are only downloadable to desktop or laptop computers. Mobile devices do not have the capability to download audio files and play them directly. Audio files must be added to mobile devices via the software provided for your specific device (iTunes, Google Play, etc.). Sorry, it's just science and the powers-that-be who decide these things.