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New Music

Dig into a sampler platter Bloodshot Records' latest and greatest music.

'While No One Was Looking' Originals

If you are finding yourself entranced by all the amazing music on this record, then yer gonna flip over the source material.

The Best of the Waco Brothers

In celebration of the band's new album Going Down in Histo

The Yawpers' Favorite Bloodshot Songs

New Bloodshot recruits The Yawpers picked their favorite songs from the Bloodshot cat

Banditos Bloodshot Faves

Banditos picked their favorite songs from the Bloodshot Records catalog, and boy did they

Oddball Revival Country & Western

Some of the odder tunes from our "Revival" series of Classic Country & Western releases.

Lost Compilation Gems

Sometimes great music slips through the cracks or hides in the corners.

Jagged Gems: Evolving Sounds of American Roots Music

Country/bluegrass/"Americana"/soul/R&B/punk/blues/rockabilly/you-name-it: A constantly updated playlist, curated by the Bloodshot sta

Bloodshot Drinkin' Songs

Celebrate National Beer Day, Repeal Day, Labor Day, or Wednesday with this playlist of some of Bloodshot's greatest odes to the grape or

Andrew Bird-Shot

To celebrate the Andrew Bird/Robbie Fulks split 7", we put together this little playlist of some of the guest appearances and contributions Herr Bird has done for us over the years.

Instrumentals #1

You know what, sometimes we just get tired of the human voice. Here's a playlist of instrumentals for such occasions.

Rock-n-Roll Covers Done Bloodshot Style

Check out Bloodshot artists tackling covers in the ROCK AND ROLL canon.

Bloodshot Duets

du·et - d(y)o͞oˈet/ (noun) a performance by two people, esp. singers, instrumentalists, or dancers.