Yeah, we're happy happy, da-da-da-da-dah

June 30th, 2011 by Bloodshot

Summertime, and the livin is easy and the muses are busy.

Like Christmas, the joys of summertime bring out the worst and sometimes the best in artists, and radio stations hit us with Beach Boys tunes and that super annoying Mungo Jerry "In the Summertime" at a dizzying rate.  I mean, for me, "California Girls" is the summer equivalent of... Read more

Get down with the Uptown Sound

June 3rd, 2011 by Bloodshot

JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound have been my local band crush forever. I first ran into them about four years ago at the Hideout, where they revved up the crowd with their brand of Motown throwbacks with a post-punk edge, a charismatic frontman with movie-star looks (that's only part of the crush, I swear), and plenty of soul to... Read more


May 20th, 2011 by Bloodshot

A few months ago, we asked staffers to fess up to their love of certain CLASSIC ROCK icons.

Well, we’re passionate music fans here and some of those passions can run to the negative. So, this time around, we're having the dedicated drones in the Bloodshot hive commit musical heresy; to call to the carpet that which they cannot stand, despite popular opinions.

To whit, everybody was asked which figurative statues in the Rock and Roll Square they'd like to pull down in an uprising. These are bands or artists that have enjoyed widespread critical and/or commercial acclaim; that are, in some cases, considered sacrosanct parts of the musical canon.

Some of this can be pretty harsh and polemical, so if your sensibilities are delicate, turn elsewhere.

For the purposes of this amusing exercise in sabre-rattling music criticism, we had three categories: CLASSIC ROCK, INDIE ROCK and CLASSIC COUNTRY.

Bloodshot LTD, their officers or their secretive Swiss hedge fund managers take no responsibility for the opinions expressed herein.

The knives have been sharpened. Read more


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