BSHQ Fear Factor: Mystery Chinese Liquor Edition

February 13th, 2012 by Rami

For many years our label manager was one Steven Dube. He left the music racket in order to pursue his dream of being in the US Foreign Service.  We assume he is doing good.

After cushy postings in Milan, Italy and Seoul South, Korea, Steve now finds himself in Chengdu, China. He recently sent the office a big box of...Read more

LOVE SUCKS! But, sometimes, it doesn't ...

February 1st, 2012 by Rami

Love is in the air!  Or least in the aisles of the nearby Walgreens. They are jammed with animatronic heart shaped thingamajigs, cards that play "You are the Wind Beneath My Wings" when you open them, boxes and bags and crates of chocolates and lots of red.  And lace.  And five hour energy drinks.

It must mean it's Valentine’s season....Read more

BS Artists pick their favorite, and most hated, holiday songs!

December 9th, 2011 by Rami

'Tis the season to acknowledge the Little Baby Jesus' message of love, forgiveness, peace and generosity to the lesser among us by pepper spraying people to get at deeply discounted waffle irons or knocking old ladies out of the way to get an additional 25% off an iWhatever.

Last year, we pressed the staff to come up with their favorite and most hated holiday tunes.  There's so many to chose from, both fer and agin', and no lack of opportunity to be aurally assaulted by them for weeks on end. My fave Thai restaurant had me tired of "Jingle Bell Rock" a few days after Halloween. They even asked me what Auld Lang Syne meant.  To hide my ignorance of the answer, I yelled at them for hating freedom.

Here's that posting from last year. I stand by my roiling hatred of the barked "Jingle Bells."

This year, we asked a few of our artist pals to chime in.  Many of them have albums for sale during a humungous year-end sale (it would be UN-holiday NOT to tie this to some sort of commercial transaction, wouldn't it?)

Enjoy the season, be convivial, remember what's important, check out our STUFFED ANIMAL DRIVE, and maybe we'll see you out and about at the many events around Chicago.

-- Bloodshot RobRead more


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