Without Further Ado...the Winners of the 'Where in the World Is Cory Branan Sleeping?' Photoshop Contest!


October 10th, 2014 by bsradmin

In honor of Cory Branan's new Bloodshot album The No-Hit Wonder (out now - get it  here), we asked YOU to take the "green-screened" photo of Cory dozing off (from the album cover) and "Photoshop" him into any photo you want. We received dozens of entries, and we posted our favorites in a photo album on our Facebook page. We could use many words to desribe the entries...absurd, hilarious...frightening. They were all over the place. 

However, we had to narrow it down to the winners somehow. We asked Cory Branan himself as well as Bloodshot head honcho Rob Miller to pick their favorites. We also asked the public to vote on their favorites via "likes" on Facebook. It was a tough call. Really, Cory and Rob took forever to pick. Rob responded with "Just one? Holy shit, ya gotta be kidding." 

But the deed had to be done! And without further ado here are the winners. Each Photoshop artist will receive a vinyl LP of Cory Branan's The No-Hit Wonder, various signed Cory Branan items, and a Bloodshot gift certificate! 

The PUBLIC vote (by way of Facebook "likes"): 

Maricela Mares! This one is disturbing yet timeless all at once. 



Lorrie Corsetti! So tranquil...so flamboyant...so gold...



Melissa Varner! Cory sez: "I love the way Eddie is looking down at me ever so gently."



Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for playing everyone! Catch Cory on tour in the U.S. throughout this fall!