Thanks for 18 years of Bloodshot Records!


September 25th, 2012 by Rami

It's been a couple of days now—the cobwebs have cleared, our ears have stopped ringing, we've made our rounds of apologetic phone calls to friends and significant others, you know, the usual stuff—and so we'd like to get to formally thanking all of you who came out Saturday night to our 18th birthday party at the Mayne Stage in Chicago.

While being prone to panic attacks and bouts of witheringly low self-esteem, I can confidently state that it seemed like a good time was had by all but the stoniest of attendees. My personal highlight was the Dex Romweber Duo, but they are ALWAYS my highlight—(it was also cool to see members from one of our newer bands who'd never seen him before tell me they were blown away, as the bass player and keyboardist of JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound did.) Seeing Bloodshot past collide with Bloodshot future (Jon Langford and Lydia Loveless) on the same stage playing to very different fans and having them all dig it remains a thrill.  Jon Langford getting spanked by WXRT's Terri Hemmert on stage wasn't too bad either.  Yes, after 18 years it can still get weird.

It was so fun to see so many old friends and colleagues make their way to the FAAAR north side to say hi and hoist a couple with us. Current bands, former bands, DJs, other club owners (I apologize for the behavior of Mike Miller of Delilah's and Kate Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald's---sheesh, you can't take those two anywhere), writers, other label folks, studio dudes, staff—past and present, interns past, present and possibly future and all manner of dedicated creative kind-hearted people who have helped us along the way filled the room. And the fans.  You paid us many compliments that night to our faces, most of which I doubt we really deserve.  Thanks for sharing in the night and for not running us out of town years ago.  We're kinda cowardly, so it probably wouldn't take much.

And to those of you who wanted to be there but could not due to circumstances of timing, geography, child care, or the inability to read maps, it is indeed quite impossible to express our gratitude for the support you have shown the artists we remain so very lucky to represent. We remain quite bewildered and deeply moved by the whole ride.


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