Thank You - 22nd Annual Bloodshot SXSW Yard Dog Party


March 22nd, 2017 by bsradmin

Now that our ears have stopped ringing; our livers are (somewhat) on the mend; and the dust has settled beneath our feet back here in Chicago, we want to sincerely, genuinely thank each and every one of the couple thousand fans who shuffled through Yard Dog Art for our unofficial SXSW day party in Austin, TX on Friday. The fact that you've kept showing up for the last 22 years is still an unbelievable notion, but not one that we take for granted at this scrappy little indie label.

We sang along, we shouted, we tried to dance, and we drank plenty of Lagunitas Brewing Co and Dark Matter Coffee. Thank you to all the bands for putting up with the tight set times, close proximity, and the hot sweaty tent. Thank you to Recording King Guitars for giving away a dozen guitars(!) to our worthy fans. And thank you to Randy & Yard Dog for putting up with our shenanigans every spring for over two decades.

Despite all the slog and drag and exhaustion and eye-rolling of SXSW week, having so many of our artists, fans, and friends in one place is worth it every time. This is what keeps us all going in this god forsaken industry. Showing up, supporting the bands, bringing your friends, taking home merch, spreading the word - just BEING THERE. Thank you, immensely. That's what will keep us afloat and hopefully (gulp) smoothly sailing.

Here's to more without jinxing it!



Yep we're having fun. Thank you @hahatonka for putting up with this crazy shindig for ten years.

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