RIP Anne Tkach, one of the early members of the Bloodshot extended family


April 13th, 2015 by bsradmin
It's with great surprise and great sadness we learned today of the very untimely death of one of the early members of the extended Bloodshot family: Anne Tkach.
Anne was the bass player for Hazeldine​, who contributed tracks to early compilations Straight Outta Boone County and Down to the Promised Land.
We came across Hazeldine while reading No Depression and they sounded cool and quite exotic (New Mexico! Where the hell is that?!), so I cold-called them and asked if they'd want to contribute a song to one of our bizarre compilations in the works.  They said "sure!" (that's the way the "biz" was conducted back then) and a few weeks later we received their really, really wonderful version of the Delmore Brothers' "I'm So Lonesome Without You." It's STILL in heavy rotation on my iPod---though now it will have an added resonance to it.
Back in those days, when the underground roots scene was much smaller, you'd see everyone when they came through town, or at events like Twangfest​ or SXSW.  At times, some of them would stay at my house and, in a band of sometimes big personalities, Anne was always the hilariously restrained, exceedingly gracious person, the one to hang out with after the show when you just wanted to go over the events of the day in a quiet, appreciative, sometime amazed mood. One specific time that pops into my head was after the rather epic Old 97's​/Whiskeytown​/Hazeldine show at Schubas in Chicago.
It was all so new to all of us then, and her passing is a somber reminder of just how special those times were; she was a simpatico traveler.
Our deepest sympathies go out to her family, her band mates and the great community she eventually found herself in.
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