Rest in Power, Sara Romweber


March 5th, 2019 by bsradmin

It is with hearts so full of sadness that we need to inform you we lost a beloved member of our family last night. Sara Romweber, the clattering, drumming powerhouse yin to Dex Romweber’s guitar yang in the Dex Romweber Duo, passed away on March 4th after a long illness.

To watch Sara play (and when she played, it was hard NOT to watch), was to see someone entirely absorbed by their music. Hunched behind her kit, a combo of Gene Krupa and Animal from 'The Muppet Show,' Sara epitomized chaotic precision—a perfect counterpoint to her brother’s full on chaos. There was a joy, energy and rock-n-roll-affirming racket in her playing that sometimes overshadowed her deft touch and subtle rhythmic nuances. But, man, she hit those drums HARD. She was one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen. (Plus, I’ll never forget her chasing me down a NYC street during CMJ after I made fun of her poodle haircut in the Let's Active “Every Word Means No” video. She was fast, too.)

When I stood close to her while she played (which I did ever so often, but not ever enough), and she played an especially clever or unexpected fill, she would really lean in and PUNCTUATE it with a cymbal crash. In that moment I would catch a faint smile on her face. I knew, in that moment, she was experiencing IT, that thing that all musicians (and fans) strive for, that moment that makes it all worthwhile. It always struck me as special, as a privilege, to share in it in some small way.

While there are those of us who revere Dex Romweber, you know who you are—there aren’t enough of us in the club, but that makes it so much more special—Sara was his biggest fan. She cared for him so much and loved playing with him. The devastation he must feel is beyond expression. I can only hope that, he, and the rest of her friends and family, can find some solace that her suffering has come to an end.

If there are any thoughts, messages of support, or anything you’d like us to pass along to the Romweber family, we will be happy to oblige.

Thanks for reading and, please, crank up some of the Duo and shed some tears with us.

To Sara!

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